Tomb of the Mad Crusader  

Level80 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey

Raid Information
Sizex4 (Min: x4)
Raid ZoneTomb of the Mad Crusader
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey
Minimum2 days 20 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum7 days

This zone's map is identical to Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted. The entrance is the same door, as well. Click on the door to "Enter the Cavern of the Afflicted". You will then see a dialog box to choose the instance: Cavern of the Afflicted, or Tomb of the Mad Crusader.

Contents [hide]

The Entry Hall

It's a trap!
It's a trap!
There is a trap on the floor in the first hall (purple sparklies). If anyone steps in it, it will bring every mob on the first floor! When the first trash mob (roamer) dies it vanishes.

Pull roamer into hole in the right-hand wall at corner to avoid knockback. There are 2 roamers.

The Loyalist's Quarters

  • Senior Loyalist Tilas - ( 9,1,-57 ) with 2 eternal loyalists or reanimated guards
  • Captain Ikalus (in the side room where Fallen Scholar Edgars is in Caverns) with 2 eternal loyalists

The Lower Depths

If you did not kill ALL mobs on first floor, when you pull here the mobs from above will instantly join!


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Xebnok the Wretched

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Gynok Moltor

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