Xebnok the Wretched  

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Zone:Tomb of the Mad Crusader
Possible Classes:Berserker
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Classifications:Biped, Construct, Golem, Magical, Monstrous, Noblooded, Nocharm, Nomemwipe, Organic, Terrestrial
Grants AA

This is a semi technical fight that requires AE/Burst DPS and dynamically switching tanks. This is a multi-tank fight and requires an additional item harvested from the Thet-em-aua's spawn location.

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Known Info

All Abilities information pulled from parsing data.

Melee Abilities

  • Crushing

Healing Abilities

  • Mob heals every time a person to the mob
  • Consume Soul (264K heal PER death)

  • Bolt of Fearful Servitude (example) - (40ish second timer Modifyable)
    • Semi targeted Focus damage, usually around ~5k damage, can be warded.

  • Overwhelming Intimidation (example) - (45 second timer)
    • Mental Damage/Power Drain (NON CUREABLE)
    • AE Fear
    • Will drop agro on the top position person and go after the second person in the hate list.

  • **********PLACEHOLDER
    • This is a dps limiting elemental and can be taken down with cure Elemental

Spinning Fury

    • This is an important jousting AE.
    • Crushing Damage (CUREABLE not relivant, does not tick and is instant only.)
    • 17k damage to 3.3k damage depending on armor and other factors.
Scouts are required to joust.

  • Cure Elemental

Strategy Overview

At least 6 people should harvest the from the spawn location of Thet-em-aua

The pull begins with the entire raid stacked up at location "1" listed within the picture above. When the MT begins the pull the 2nd offtank needs to grab both An Undead Tormentors and DPS them down as fast as possible.

After both An Undead Tormentors are dead concentrate on Xebnok the Wretched until the groups of An Undead Detonator spawn. They spawn in one of 3 places. Pull the ASAP and blow up these mobs. If An Undead Detonator stay alive too long, then the raid wipes.

Turn and Burn Xebnok the Wretched and Joust the Spinning Fury AE.

Heal Strategy

Curing everything you can is critical for maximum dps. Heal as required and be ready for the tank swap

Also using pungent salts on the people who become permanently stunned and start animating the emote for "I'm not worthy". Have them call out that they have the effects and cure them using the salts.

Pungent salts

Additional concentration / wards should be given to the biggest of the AOE class

Tank Strategy

Xebnok the Wretched has a Knockback so wedge yourself at the bottom of his metal ramp and say at the top of the mobs hate list. The secondary tank should be ready to swap/snap aggro once Overwhelming Intimidation is cast and worn off.

DPS Strategy

Most melee DPS jousts Overwhelming Intimidation and all melee dps jousts Spinning Fury. All range DPS should ensure they do not steal aggro. (Spinning Fury on the raid is a very bad thing) All AOE dps should save large aoe damage spells for the An Undead Detonators. This is crucial for success of this fight.

Special Team Strategy

One person is responsible for pulling the An Undead Detonator from one of the 3 possible spawn areas and dragging them to the base of the raid.

Please keep in mind that EACH An Undead Detonator casts an AOE knockback.

Add Mitigation Strategies

Encounter Diagram

Xebnok the Wretched Diagram

Red sprays are where the An Undead Detonator spawn, they will spawn in One of the Three areas.

Dark Green Large dots are where the tanks stand to tank Xebnok the Wretched

Yellow Large dot is where Xebnok the Wretched is tanked. He has a Knockback, so repositioning is a pain.

Yellow small dot is the An Undead Tormentor

Dark Green small dots is where Melee DPS goes in to dps the named.

Light green Large dot is where the 3rd tank/scouts will grab the An Undead Tormentor

Light green spray is where the raid DPS stands.

NOT SHOWN, healers stand outside of the middle of the raid in a position to heal the tanks for Xebnok the Wretched without being knocked up by the An Undead Detonator.

Raid Groups

MT Group Tank Cleric Shaman Dirge Coercer Swashbucker/Assassin

Offtank Group Tank Cleric Shaman Dirge Illusionist DPS

DPS Group1 Fill with DPS/Buffs (tank is optional) Scouts can tank the An Undead Tormentor if warded / defensive

DPS Group2 Fill with DPS/Buffs(tank is optional) Scouts can tank the An Undead Tormentor if warded / defensive


In the following order, kill the mobs

Kill An Undead Detonator

Kill An Undead Tormentor

Kill Xebnok the Wretched

    • Borrowed layout from another strategy entry

Other Resources: EQ2i LootDB Human-Readable Link: http://eq2.zam.com/wiki/EQ2_Mob:Xebnok_the_Wretched
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