Captain Ikalus  

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Zone:Tomb of the Mad Crusader
Possible Classes:Berserker
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Classifications:Humanoid, Noblooded, Nocharm, Nomemwipe, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Undead
Grants AA

This is a tank and spank encounter please see Ye Olde Tank and Spank strategy for this basic strategy overview. The specialized information is detailed below for this encounter.

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Additional Info

This is the second easiest fight in the TSO expansion, the only catch is that that captain has a short attention span so he tends to mem wipe off the MT quite a bit. Not a big deal really if your OT is on the ball. The location in the diagram below is where we have always although, anywhere you can get the MT wedged in will work fine.

Non Melee Abilities

He has several AE abilities Barrage, Mangle, Rampaging Blow, and Winds of Asyphyxia. None of these are note worthy. You may loose a few squishies to these and the mem wipe but most can be healed though. Winds of Asyphyxia is a power drain but again not significant.

None needed.

Encounter Diagram

Captain Ikalus Encounter Diagram

EverQuest II

ZAM credits Ghosts of the Jaggedpine & MMO-Strategist for the original information in this guide.

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