Gynok Moltor  

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Zone:Tomb of the Mad Crusader
Possible Classes:Shadowknight
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Classifications:Humanoid, Noblooded, Nocharm, Nomemwipe, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Undead
Grants AA

Gynok Moltor was the first wielder of the Bone Bladed Claymore, a weapon so vicious in it's thirst for blood that Moltar was exiled from Qeynos. He apparently made his way to The Commonlands where he was responsible for the deaths of all the brave souls in the Keep of Marr's Fist, know today as the Ruins of Befallen.

During the quest for the Bone Bladed Claymore, he is encountered in Stormhold as Level 47^^^ Heroic Ghost.

In Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken, you meet him as a ghostly NPC and witness what happened the fateful night the Keep of Marr's Fist was destroyed. Gynok had a demon riding in his soul, The Eidolon of Depravity. He was aware of the demon and sought the aid of four brave knights to help purge the demon from him. He pushed the Eidolon forth, but the demon was too strong and all were slaughtered.

NOTE: According to the Feb 5, 2009 Patch Notes, Gynok's entire loot table has been changed. The items he dropped previously no longer drop.

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Raid Strats

This is a technical fight that requires substantial AE DPS and dynamically switching tanks during curses.

This is a multi-tank fight and requires every person of the raid to be on their toes.

Known Info

All Abilities information pulled from parsing data.

Melee Abilities

  • Disease
  • Slashing

Healing Abilities

  • Mob heals every time a person dies with curse touch of death on them.


Gynok Moltor

  • Dusts of Disintegration (35ish second timer Modifiable) - Targeted group (whomever has aggro of Gynok Moltor
  • Touch of Death - Cast by Gynok Moltor (38ish second timer) - Can be modified and can be INTERRUPTED - Targeted group (whomever has aggro of Gynok Moltor)
  • Sickening Circle (example) - (45 second timer)
  • Thunderous Bolt Damage Shield - Includes Knock back component

Zathra Kalystin - 5.5 Million Hitpoints

  • Failing Spirit (40ish second timer Modifiable) - raid AE - Does not hurt that hard.

Nax Sorast - 5.5 Million Hitpoints

  • Strips all negitive detrimentals from the MOBS on a timer.

Marn Moltor - 4.3 Million Hitpoints

  • Fist of the Norrathian Star (40ish second timer Modifiable) - Single target CURSE. WILL KILL THE TARGET IF NOT CURED..

Vin Moltor - 4.3 Million Hitpoints

  • Fist of the Norrathian Star (40ish second timer Modifiable) - Single target CURSE. WILL KILL THE TARGET IF NOT CURED..

  • Cure Arcane / Cure Poison

Strategy Overview

Once you click the wall sconce to activate the event. There's a few strategies.

One strategy, one tank will pickup all of the adds, the second tank will pickup Gynok Moltor.

Another strategy, one tank picks up everyone. You can either use a second tank and tank one at a time, or all adds stay on the main tank at all times. This method is much riskier, as once the main tank goes down a wipe is virtually guaranteed.

The third tank will ensure they can pickup Gynok Moltor at a moments notice in case the main tank dies to Touch of Death.

Periodically throughout the fight, one person in the raid will get Purple vision. This one person is required to be next to Gynok Moltor when the vision fades (incurable arcane). If this person is not next to Gynok Moltor when the vision fades, the entire raid wipes. NO damage/de buffs on Gynok Moltor originating from the person who has purple vision, otherwise they WILL be knocked out of place due to the Thunderous Bolt Damage Shield.

The raid will concentrate DPS on the adds.

The mob Zathra Kalystin will resurrect one of his fallen comrades during the battle and will resurrect himself. You have to kill either (Marn Moltor or Vin Moltor) and Zathra Kalystin twice to successfully complete this encounter.

If either Marn Moltor or Vin Moltor is alive when Gynok Moltor is below 30% health, they may start AE'ing the raid for considerable amounts.

Once the first mob dies, you have 4 minutes before Gynok Moltor resurrects 2 mobs.

The goal is to DPS

Zathra Kalystin Nax Sorast Marn Moltor Vin Moltor

down to around 20% Hitpoints then kill Marn Moltor or Vin Moltor, then kill Zathra Kalystin.

Once they both are resurrected, then kill the 2 mobs with the lowest hit points, then re-kill Zathra Kalystin.

Then focus all DPS on to Gynok Moltor and let the AE dps take down the remaining add. The remaining add will die to AOE DPS before Gynok Moltor reaches below 30% health.

Heal Strategy

3 healers are required for the group that handles the 4 adds.

Curing the curses are critical.

There should be a cure cure rotation for when Fist of the Norrathian Star hits, with the 2 healers within the main tank group saving their cures for touch of death that is cast by Gynok Moltor.

Tank Strategy

The tank responsible for the 4 adds will spike A LOT

DPS Strategy

There are a few small range directional AE's that are cast by the adds, melee dps should learn how to position themselves so they don't get one shotted by those ae's. You must maintain at least 100k DPS to successfully kill this encounter. That goal is easier obtained by 2 well equipped and knowledgeable warlocks.

Special Team Strategy

One person is responsible for clicking the sconce on the wall to activate Gynok Moltor.

Add Mitigation Strategies

Encounter Diagram

Raid Groups

MT Group Tank Cleric Shaman Dirge Coercer Swashbuckler

Offtank Group Tank (SK Preferable) Cleric Shaman Dirge Illusionist Warden

DPS Group1 Fill with AOE DPS/Buffs (off tank is required to pickup Gynok Moltor)

DPS Group2 Fill with AOE DPS/Buffs


In the following order, kill the mobs

1) Vin Moltor *Gets resurrected once and the 4 minute timer starts

2) Zathra Kalystin *Gets resurrected once

3) Nax Sorast 4) Marn Moltor 5) Zathra Kalystin 6) Vin Moltor 7) Gynok Moltor

  • Borrowed layout from another strategy entry

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