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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Captain Venk73   ^Kunzar JungleNo
A Nak'azar Slayer80-81   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChardokNo
Kodan54   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Icy DigYes
Tyzik Maul75   ^Kunzar JungleNo
A Hua Mein Guard90-92   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Sundered FrontierNo
WindsoGreat DivideNo
A Rotten Tuk Priest81-82   ^ ^ HeroicThe Ruins of Guk: Halls of the FallenNo
A Shroomba Cultivator7-8   -Greater FaydarkNo
Rizer HatchtarNeriak, City of HateNo
Klok Xe'thasFens of NathsarNo
An Othmir Priest1   v v vGreat DivideYes
Katryn LitewingGreater FaydarkNo
Warlord Kilrok Caroeth84   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChardokYes
Jote-Zonn Shou98   ^ ^ ^ HeroicCitadel of V'uulNo
Wholesaler DressikFens of NathsarNo
Aaryonar The WatcherPalace of the AwakenedNo
A Greater Blood-rage Daemon96   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Vigilant: Final DestructionNo
Clefthoof Magus97   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Palace of Roehn TheerYes
Enchanter GlowwpKunzar JungleNo
Yu-wei Nurwin1   v v vThe Village of ShinYes
Sullon Zek98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Sullon's Spire [Challenge]Yes
XerlissusJarsath WastesNo
An Abyssian Berserker55-58   ^ ^ HeroicThe Forsaken CityNo
Preparations Officer ZekiliusFens of NathsarNo
Associate Yssith1   v v vKunzar JungleYes