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Quests are pretty much the best way to get experience in EverQuest II. A quest is a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something. In Norrath that can vary from fetching fishing bait to stalking dragons.

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Finding Quests

NPC's (non-player characters) all over Norrath need your help! You can tell which ones give quests because they have a feather over their heads. Speak to them to receive a quest. The quest, along with information on tasks and rewards, can then be found in your Quest Journal (press J).

There are many different kinds of quests, and the color of the glow around the quest feather will give you some information. The default color is yellow. Other colors:

  • Blue: Repeatable
  • Purple: HQ/Signature/Core Story
  • Green: Tradeskill
  • Grey: Quests you have outleveled. Turn on the grey feathers in Options (Alt-O)

Note that you can only have 75 quests active at a time. At that point you'll have to complete or delete some!


Quest Types

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