Far Seas Requisitions  

Far Seas Requisitions (FSRs) are work orders from the Far Seas Trading Company (FSTC) and are found in many different zones. Some are initiated by finding an unfilled order, filling it and turning it in to a FSTC representative. In other zones you check a desk for outstanding orders, fill them and, again, turn them into the FSTC representative who is usually standing right next to the desk.

Information regarding the FSRs available in a given zone can be found on the Quest Series page for that zone.

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Qeynos Area

The Caves

Forest Ruins

The Peat Bog

Oakmyst Forest

The Down Below


Freeport Area

Fallen Gate

These drop in the Commonlands

Wailing Caves

These drop in the Commonlands

Thundering Steppes

Nektulos Forest

Enchanted Lands

Far Seas Supplier

The Far Seas Supplier quests are part of the Zek Quest Series, given by Division Supplier Gaertarn, rather than item triggered.

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