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Chronomagic (also known as auto-mentoring) was introduced with Game Update 53. It allows you to turn back personal time to a point in your career when you were younger and less capable, and attempt challenges you once could not defeat.

Speak to a Chronomagic Tasker in most major cities to receive a daily mission somewhere in Norrath.

  • You must be level 70 or higher to receive a chronomagic mission
  • The target you are sent to kill must be a green con or higher to receive credit for the kill.
  • ALL of the missions are pointed at heroic zones, whether or not they are 'solo-able' is largely dependent upon how far down you are mentoring and how good your gear is before you do. They were not planned to all be solo-able.
  • Completing the mission unlocks the replica for that zone. The replicas are not scaleable when placed in a house.
  • The replicas offered for completing the Chronomancer missions are available any time after you finish that mission. If you completed your mission prior to Game Update 54 you will need to complete said mission again to see it on the merchant.

The Missions

The Chronomagic Missions are offered in near alphabetical order; however, since the missions cycle daily between the 37 quests, the first mission offered to you will depend on which is available that day. The missions below are listed in sequential order; simply look for the one you are beginning on and follow the list down (and wrap back to the beginning and continue down) to follow the order in which they will be offered to you.

You can sort the database list of these quests by level if you so desire; however, (disclaimer!) these quests are not offered ordered by level, instead they are offered in the order listed below.

Quest Name
Entrance Access Quest/Event?
Replica Unlocked
Path of the Past - Ancient's Table 63 Cyclops ring event outside entrance in Pillars of Flame. Replica: Ancient Cyclops
Path of the Past - Bastion of Flames 21 None Replica: Lord Djarn
Path of the Past - Blackscale Sepulcher 69 None Replica: Oranti the Rizen
Path of the Past - Bloodskull Valley: The Training Grounds 52 None Replica: Ukgry the Trainer
Path of the Past - Cazel's Mesa 64 None Replica: Cazel the Mad
Path of the Past - Condemned Catacombs 33 The Condemned Catacomb Key Replica: Bek'tar the Mighty
Path of the Past - Court of Innovation 57 None Replica: King Klak'Anon the Mechnamagnus
Path of the Past - Cove of Decay 32 None Replica: Captain Ulssissaris
Path of the Past - Crypt of T'haen 37 Exploring the Crypt (evil) or Shattering the Crystals (good)
Only one person in group needs to meet the above requirement.
Replica: Vashyn T'Reyn
Path of the Past - Crypt of Valdoon 72 None Replica: Count Valdoon Kel'Novar
Path of the Past - Deathfist Citadel 42 Kill Vigo Cerebus in Zek, the Orcish Wastes to open the gate. Replica: Emperor Fyst
Path of the Past - Den of the Devourer 69 None Replica: The Devourer
Path of the Past - Tower of the Drafling 46 None Replica: Queen Zynixia
Path of the Past - Eternal Gorge 23 Zarvonn's Legacy (optional) Replica: Zarvonn's Creation
Path of the Past - Firemyst Gully 20 None Replica: Galintari the Apocryphal
Path of the Past - Gobblerock's Hideout 30 The Stolen Supplies Replica: Boss Gobblerock
Path of the Past - Nest of the Great Egg 67 None Replica: Chamberlain X'haviz
Path of the Past - Halls of Fate 73 None Replica: Doom Lord Septimus
Path of the Past - Hidden Cache 60 None Replica: Master Thief Adham
Path of the Past - Mines of Meldrath 55 None Replica: Meldrath the Iron Lich
Replica: Meldrath the Malignant
Path of the Past - Nektropos Castle: The Return 56 Putting Maltena to Rest Replica: Lord Everling
Path of the Past - Nektropos Castle: Tribulation 72 Putting Maltena to Rest Replica: Grogsnot the Mellow
Path of the Past - Nektropos Castle 36 None Replica: Maltus Everling
Path of the Past - Nizara, City of the Nayad 75 Kill Zin'vra, the Portal Keeper in Forsaken City to open the portal. Replica: Aeri'ssth, the Magic Weaver
Replica: Mistress Zhvari, Nizari'zhi
Path of the Past - Obelisk of Blight 69 None Replica: Interrogator Bruek
Path of the Past - Poet's Palace 65 Be Careful What You Wish For (optional) Replica: Aysor the Mighty
Path of the Past - Valley of the Rogue Magi 20 The Secret Valley and Valley of the Rogue Magi Replica: Naerius D'Lyle
Path of the Past - Scornfeather Roost 58 None Replica: Ibtinaya the Scorned
Path of the Past - Shard of Fear 75 None Replica: Kyr'Tok
Path of the Past - The Acadechism 66 None Replica: Emperor D'Vinn
Path of the Past - The Sanctorium 51 None Replica: Sirn'Vehn
Path of the Past - Tombs of Night 36 None Replica: Nilth T'Feyd
Path of the Past - Estate of Unrest 74 None Replica: Garanel Rucksif
Path of the Past - Vault of Dust 52 None Replica: Custodian of the Dust
Path of the Past - The Sanctum of Fire 50 None Replica: Noble Dojorn
Path of the Past - Vault of the Fallen 28 None Replica: Tseralith
Path of the Past - Vaults of El'Arad 70 None Replica: Korgo the Vault Keeper

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