Daily Objectives (EQ2)  

With GU67 Loyalty Rewards were added to the game. Earn these rewards by completing Daily Tasks for Loyalty Point Tokens, which you then spend at a Loyalty Merchant.

The dailies and their currency rewards are account-wide. That is, you can complete any part of any objective with any character and the completion will count toward the objectives. Loyalty Point Tokens show on all characters across your account.

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Daily Objectives

In your quest journal is a new tab called "Daily Objectives." Exactly which tasks are available each day changes: you are given two Adventure related Objectives, two Tradeskill, two PVP, and one Exploration. You only have to complete two objectives of any kind to complete the day's objectives. The objectives have a countdown timer, and change at 00:01 Pacific time.

Task Notes
Visit Unexplored Locations: 0/3 Any new discovery point of interest will do.
Slay Creatures: 0/25 Any green-con or better creatures.
Slay Different Types of Creatures: 0/8 What makes a "different" creature seems to vary.
Slay Boss Creatures: 0/2 Any green-con or better creatures.
Craft Items: 0/8 This counts combines, not yields. Does not have to give XP.
Craft Writs: 0/2 Items created for writs count toward the "Craft Items" and "Craft Different Items objectives.
Craft Different Items: 0/3 This counts combines, not yields. Does not have to give XP.
Harvest Resources: 0/40 Counts actual number of resources harvested. Any node works.
Win Battlegrounds Matches: 0/2
Complete Battlegrounds Matches: 0/3
Slay Different Classes of Players: 0/3
Slay Players: 0/5

You can click the little arrows next to the daily objectives on the quest helper window to minimize the objectives. They do not take away from the 10 quests you can have active in your helper window. [1]


You receive one Loyalty Point Token for completing any two objectives. It's only possible to earn Loyalty tokens once per day on an account, but members get two for completing the objectives. The tokens appear in the Currency Tab of your Character window. The total for these tokens is shared account-wide and the tokens cannot be removed from the currency window.

According to Gninja, the rewards will be evolving over time. They vary from fun veteran's rewards (for one token) to Mounts (30 tokens) and Fabled charms (25 tokens).


  • Qeynos: Find the merchants near the City Merchant in Qeynos Harbor
  • Freeport: Find them in the Harbor Exchange near the Banker

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July 23, 2013

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