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Betrayal and Citizenship
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Below are the various methods of leaving or joining the City of Kelethin as of GU56. [1]

Citizenship quests can be done without betraying if you are either leaving Kelethin to head to another good aligned city or coming from a good city to Kelethin. Citizens of Kelethin can betray to change to a city of evil alignment while evil citizens can betray their cities and choose Kelethin as a destination.

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Kelethin to Good Aligned City

Speak to Ambassador Gibrien Marsden ( 456, 88, 228 ) who will confirm which city you wish to go to. You will be given the appropriate starter quest that will take you to the ambassador in your destination city.

Good Aligned City to Kelethin

For those people wishing to change citizenship from New Halas, speak with Ambassador Brynhilde Maersdottr at 90, 154, -164 in the Frostfang Sea. Qeynos citizens need to speak with Ambassador Duryo Valstath at 556, -10, 168 inside The Coldwind Crier in South Qeynos, Qeynos Capitol District.

In both cases, you will be given the Moving to Kelethin quest. Complete that and then complete the following quests from Ambassador Gibrien Marsden at 456, 88, 228 in the Greater Faydark.

  1. Moving to Kelethin
  2. Considering Kelethin
  3. Kelethin: Citizenship - offered once your City of Kelethin faction is at least amiable (+10,000)

If you need to raise your Kelethin faction to amiable first for whatever reason, you can do the Helping Kelethin repeatable quests.

Kelethin to Exile

Speak with Ambassador Gibrien Marsden at the Near Residential Aerie around 456, 88, 228 . He will send you to speak with Saelir Varryn in Kelethin at 221, 112, 388 . He will give you the following quests:

  1. Saelir's Plan: Necessary Components
  2. Saelir's Plan: Stealing the Declarations
  3. Saelir's Plan: The Sul Spheres
  4. Following Through

Once you've done all these, you will be exiled and sent to Haven.

Exile to Kelethin

If you are an Exile, then both Ambassador Gibrien Marsden and Derek Travllor, both at the Near Residential Aerie around 456, 88, 228 , will offer you several quests. In either case, you must do these quests until your faction reaches amiable (+10,000) with The City of Kelethin.

Helping Kelethin

These are the Ambassador's quests which are repeatable and reward +3,000 faction each.

Kelethin Bounties

The bounty series is given by Derek Travllor in linear order and cannot be repeated. Each quest will reward +1,000 faction with The City of Qeynos and +3,000 faction with The City of Kelethin.

  1. Bounty: NikVik Darkpaw
  2. Bounty: Meeglash Darkpaw
  3. Bounty: Smithe Bluth
  4. Bounty: Galzar Dankfur
  5. Bounty: Zarla Vinlo
  6. Bounty: Kuestral
  7. Bounty: Xarix Sabertooth
  8. Bounty: Gaki Bloodbelt
  9. Bounty: Graderal Shanksplitter


Once you have reached amiable (+10,000) faction with The City of Kelethin, Ambassador Gibrien Marsden will direct you to Nimess Sessi in the Fae Royal Hall. He will assist you in finalizing your citizenship with Kelethin.

  1. Considering Kelethin
  2. Kelethin: Citizenship

Game Update #58
Arcanum Revealed
October 12, 2010
GU58 Change: Ambassador Gibrien Marsden & Derek Travllor moved from the Green Knoll to the Near Residential Aerie in Kelethin.

ZAM would like to thank Kain for some of the information in this article.

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010
EverQuest II

  1. ^ A series of posts by Domino on SOE's Official Test forums.

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