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Cold Hard Cash

EverQuest II uses a traditional currency system for most in-game transactions. Coinage is copper, silver, gold, and platinum, where 100 copper = 1 silver and so on in increments of 100. Money can be stored in your Bank or carried on your person.

Other Currencies

Besides good ol' cash money, EverQuest II uses a variety of specialty currency for Live Events, World Events, and for earning high-end gear.

Currency Storage

The Currency tab of the Character window.
The Currency tab of the Character window.
With GU58 all specialty currency is stored in the currency tab of your Character Window (C). Merchants who accept specialty currency should do so without you having to move it to inventory.

Currency Exchange

Any of the old Battlegrounds tokens can be exchanged for the current Battleground Token by seeing the Sisters of War (the Battlegrounds NPC's).

As of May 20, 2014, a new currency exchange merchant, Barnaby Blunderbuss, has been added to the docks of Butcherblock Mountains where you can exchange most currencies for transmuting and tinkering training components. Some of the eligible currencies include Maj’Dul insignia tokens, Void Shards, D.I.R.T.Y. Money and many more!

Older prelude event tokens can also be exchanged with Claudia during the City Festivals, who will give you City Tokens for your old currency.

Loot Reward Tokens

Prelude Event Tokens

Older prelude event tokens can be exchanged with Claudia during the City Festivals, who will give you City Tokens for your old currency.

The exchange rate at both token exchange merchants is five old ones for one Floret or City Token.

Old Exchangeable Prelude Event Tokens

Holiday and Live Event Tokens

Maj'Dul Courts Faction Tokens

These may be turned in to NPC's in The Tower of the Moon to raise faction with the opposing Maj'Dul courts.

Battlegrounds Tokens

A huge change for Season 2 is the consolidation of the Ganak, Gears and Smuggler's tokens into a single Battleground Token. The Sisters of War have each taken the duty of exchanging your old token at a 1:1 ratio. In addition, the items previously sold for multiple currencies are now priced to accept the new Battleground Token.

PvP Tokens

These are earned doing PvP writs on PvP servers, and used to increase your city faction.

Goblin Gold

The Token prize from Goblin Games. Redeem in the Marketplace under "Play for Prizes".

Station Cash

Station Cash is SOE's virtual coin. While it is used in the Marketplace, it is not part of regular game play.

EverQuest II

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