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The July City Festival is in Gorowyn!

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A different city will be chosen to host this week long event, once a month from the 1st through the 7th. Qeynos, Freeport, New Halas, Kelethin, Gorowyn and Neriak will each get their chance to host their version of the event. Adventurers will find new quests, collections and rewards, many of which are city specific! And for those of us that don't want to wait for the festival to reach our city's gates, we don't have to. City Tokens are given as further reward for completing city adventure and tradeskill writs!

Each festival has its own Aether Race!

Where's the Party?

The Far Seas merchants aren't going to wheel entire caravans into the city and block up the streets, so they have set up their festival market area outside the city gates where possible. Each city will have their own local specialties for sale. It should be safe for players of any alignment to visit the festivals in all cities, although admittedly PvP players will find an additional level of hazard, but that will come from other players, not NPCs.

The city festivals rotate as follows (subject to change):

Months City Location
January / July Gorowyn In Timorous Deep around the dock area. Kella Swampfoot is by her boat near the World Bell at 2339, 80, 1441 . The merchants are inside the cave at 2388, 21, 1349 .
February / August Kelethin In Greater Faydark on the Green Knoll at 536, 44, 53 . This is just down the ramp from landing platform for the World Bell.
March / September Neriak In Darklight Wood, in the area between Neriak and the chasm at -554, -53, -74 .
April / October Qeynos In Antonica, near the North Qeynos gate (out of guard range), where the path branches at 6, -14, -61 .
May / November Freeport In The Commonlands, between The Crossroads and the Freeport Griffon Tower at -563, -49, -427
June / December New Halas In Frostfang Sea, next to the Cairn of the Huntress at 26, 148, -82 . Kella Swampfoot is by the fire northwest of the caravan at 99, 151, -135 .
  • For the Neriak festival, lower level good aligned players will need to run around the edges of the chasm to bypass the bridge with level 25 guards.
  • The Kelethin and Gorowyn festivals had their order switched in July 2010. Originally, Kelethin should have been in January and July festival while Gorowyn should have been in February and August, but this change has made them trade months, evening out the good-evil balance for festival locations.


The City Festivals are on a token system. Earn City Tokens doing festival quests and City Tasks. Buy these items from merchants at the festival caravan.

The general merchant will be present at every city festival with the exact same items for sale at all festivals. These are items the Far Seas group think will sell well in every city.

The city specialities merchant will sell different specialties in every city. These are boutique items that the Far Seas traders think will sell better in some cities than others! So the items for sale at the Qeynos festival will only be sold when the festival returns to Qeynos again. They will not be sold in Kelethin or any other city festival, the merchant will be selling other special items that he thinks those cities will be more interested in. It's all about maximizing the profit for the Far Seas, of course!

See our festival reward category for all known City Festival merchandise. See City Festival Local Specialties for the full city specialty listing.

The caravan outside Neriak
The caravan outside Neriak


Kelethin's City Festival
Kelethin's City Festival
Speak to Kella Swampfoot at the festival caravan for tasks to earn you City Tokens. Note that you can only have one of these quests at a time.

You can spend your City Tokens on house items from the various City Festival merchants!


Each city has a special collection during its festival. The reward is a city-themed in-house mailbox. It will be problematic for those unwelcome in those cities to collect those, but the collection items are fully tradeable.

The festival caravan outside Qeynos
The festival caravan outside Qeynos


City Festivals
Delivery Ahoy Complete the Far Seas Requisition: Special Delivery 25 times
Harvesting Hoopla Complete the Far Seas Requisition: Special Order Gathering 25 times
Kella Caffeinated Complete the Far Seas Requisition: Special Order Crafting 25 times
Requisition Acclamation

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City Festivals
Occur monthly from the 1st through the 7th
and rotate through the major cities of Norrath.

The July City Festival is in Gorowyn!
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