City Festival Local Specialties (EQ2)  

Chris Weathers sells the localized specialty items during the City Festivals.

Most items cost two (2) City Tokens each. The heirloom signs cost five (5) City Tokens each. The city-themed doors cost ten (10) City Tokens each.

Gorowyn Specialty Items (January/July)
Gorowyn Brazier (added 5/2011*) Gorowyn Cauldron Gorowyn Display Counter (added 7/2010)
Gorowyn Dual Scrollcase Gorowyn Fireworks Launcher (added 1/2014) Gorowyn Plain Floorlamp (added 7/2010)
Gorowyn Round Counter Gorowyn Weapon Rack Gorowyn Weathervane (added 5/2011*)
Gorowyn Wooden Counter Green Windcloth Lantern Plain Gorowyn Door (added 1/2011)
Red Marble Block (added 7/2012) Red Marble Column Red Marble Divider
Red Marble Half Block (added 7/2012) Red Marble Mirror Red Marble Narrow Divider (added 7/2012)
Red Marble Pedestal Table (added 5/2011*) Red Marble Railing (added 7/2012) Red Marble Rounded Tile (added 7/2012)
Red Marble Short Column (added 7/2012) Red Marble Stair (added 7/2012) Red Marble Tall Column (added 7/2012)
Red Marble Tall Divider (added 7/2012) Red Marble Tile Twisted Steel Pole

Kelethin Specialty Items (February/August)
Blue Shelf Fungus Chair of the Acorn Scholar Gourd of Cranberries
Gourd of Raspberries Engraved Kelethin Door (added 2/2011) Kelethin Banquet Table (added 5/2011*)
Kelethin Curved Table Kelethin Desk Kelethin Display Counter (added 8/2010)
Kelethin Leaf Chair (added 5/2011*) Kelethin Pedestal Table (added 5/2011*) Kelethin Plain Floorlamp (added 8/2010)
Kelethin Round Counter Kelethin Sign Polished Wood Block (added 2/2012)
Polished Wood Half Block (added 2/2012) Polished Wood Railing (added 2/2012) Polished Wood Rounded Tile (added 2/2012)
Polished Wood Short Column (added 2/2012) Polished Wood Short Divider (added 2/2012) Polished Wood Stair (added 2/2012)
Polished Wood Tall Column (added 2/2012) Polished Wood Tall Divider (added 2/2012) Polished Wooden Column
Polished Wooden Mirror Polished Wooden Tile Wooden Pole

Neriak Specialty Items (March/September)
Blue Marble Block (added 3/2012) Blue Marble Column Blue Marble Divider
Blue Marble Half Block (added 3/2012) Blue Marble Mirror Blue Marble Pedestal Table (added 5/2011*)
Blue Marble Pole Blue Marble Railing (added 3/2012) Blue Marble Rounded Tile (added 3/2012)
Blue Marble Short Column (added 3/2012) Blue Marble Short Divider (added 3/2012) Blue Marble Stair (added 3/2012)
Blue Marble Tall Column (added 3/2012) Blue Marble Tall Divider (added 3/2012) Blue Marble Tile
Neriak Display Counter (added 9/2010) Neriak Elaborate Chandelier Neriak Roof Tile (added 3/2012)
Neriak Round Counter Neriak Sign Neriak Streetlamp
Ornate Neriak door (added 3/2011) Plain Green Streetlamp Plain Purple Streetlamp (added 9/2010)
Plain Red Streetlamp Winged Blue Streetlamp (added 5/2011*) Winged Purple Streetlamp (added 5/2011*)

Qeynos Specialty Items (April/October)
inlaid Qeynos door (added 4/2011) Qeynos Candlestick Qeynos Decorative Banner
Qeynos Display Counter (added 10/2010) Qeynos Dual Lamppost Qeynos Elaborate Sconce (added 10/2010)
Qeynos Fancy Lamppost (added 4/2011) Qeynos Hanging Lamp Qeynos Round Counter
Qeynos Sign Qeynos Short Lamp (added 4/2011) White Marble Block (added 4/2012)
White Marble Column White Marble Divider White Marble Half Block (added 4/2012)
White Marble Mirror White Marble Pedestal Table (added 4/2011) White Marble Pole
White Marble Railing (added 4/2012) White Marble Rounded Tile (added 4/2012) White Marble Short Column (added 4/2012)
White Marble Short Divider (added 4/2012) White Marble Stair (added 4/2012) White Marble Tall Column (added 4/2012)
White Marble Tall Divider (added 4/2012) White Marble Tile

Freeport Specialty Items (May/November)
Black Marble Block (added 5/2012) Black Marble Column Black Marble Divider
Black Marble Half Block (added 5/2012) Black Marble Mirror Black Marble Pedestal Table (added 5/2011)
Black Marble Pole Black Marble Railing (added 5/2012) Black Marble Rounded Tile (added 5/2012)
Black Marble Short Column (added 5/2012) Black Marble Short Divider (added 5/2012) Black Marble Stair (added 5/2012)
Black Marble Tall Column (added 5/2012) Black Marble Tall Divider (added 5/2012) Black Marble Tile
Carved Freeport Door (added 11/2010) Freeport Candelabra Freeport Candleholder (added 5/2011)
Freeport Decorative Banner Freeport Display Counter (added 11/2010) Freeport Lamppost (added 11/2010)
Freeport Round Counter Freeport Short Lantern (added 5/2011) Freeport Sign
Freeport Simple Candle Freeport Tall Lantern

New Halas Specialty Items (June/December)
Coldain Anvil Coldain Embellished Forge Coldain Torch (added 12/2010)
Halas Carved Stool Halas Curved Bench Halas Curved Counter
Halas Display Counter (added 12/2010) Halas Double Bed Halas Ice Chair (added 5/2011*)
Halas Ice Goblet Halas Ice Stool (added 5/2011*) Halas Ice Table (added 5/2011*)
Halas Pedestal Table (added 5/2011*) Halas Stone Inlaid Bar Table Ice Inlaid Mirror
Polished Ice Block (added 6/2012) Polished Ice Half Block (added 6/2012) Polished Ice Narrow Divider (added 6/2012)
Polished Ice Railing (added 6/2012) Polished Ice Rounded Tile (added 6/2012) Polished Ice Short Column (added 6/2012)
Polished Ice Stair (added 6/2012) Polished Ice Tall Column (added 6/2012) Polished Ice Tall Divider (added 6/2012)
Polished Ice Tile Simple Coldain Door (added 12/2010) Stone Inlaid Column
Tall Coldain Bookcase

* The non-Freeport items added in May 2011 were introduced early due to all festivals being activated for the SOE Welcome Back Program.

City Festivals
Occur monthly from the 1st through the 7th
and rotate through the major cities of Norrath.

The May City Festival is in Freeport!
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