Seal of Arad Loot Sources and Merchants  

Game Update #58
Arcanum Revealed
October 12, 2010

Seals of Arad drop off most raid bosses in Sentinel's Fate. For a complete list, see the Seal of Arad page.

With GU58 you can spend your Seals of Arad on Tier 4 armor.


The merchants are in Paineel, near the Mark of Manaar merchants and the Craftkeepers at 1683, -282, 3443 .

  • Kal'Jeketh sells Adornments, for 5 Seals each.
  • Sehesh sells jewelry, leg pieces, foot pieces, and weapons.
  • Krin'Jilna sells class- and -subclass specific sets. These sets only have foot, head, leg, and shoulder slots. These items require a large number of Seals (125-175) and one Earthen Shard.

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