Restoration of the Lamentation  

This quest is for the Mythical version of the Dirge-only Epic Weapon, Lamentation of the Intrepid.

Speak to Ashe Boderra in Enchanted Lands to start this quest.

  1. Ashe Boderra sends you to Maj'Dul to talk to Taria Truomen ( -161, 176, -102 ) . Taria tells you how to restore the power of the saber.
  2. Defeat Pawbuster in The Execution Throne Room to obtain A Diamond Grit Whetstone.
    • Examine the Whetstone.
  3. Defeat Mayong Mistmoore in Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum to obtain Vedel's Song of Awakening.
    • Examine Vedel's Song.
  4. Defeat Xygoz the dragon in Veeshan's Peak to obtain a Golden Refrain.
    • Examine the Refrain.
  5. Return to Taria Truomen in for Maj'Dul your mythical reward!

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