Mayong Mistmoore  

Zone:Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum
Possible Classes:Shadowknight
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Classifications:Coldblooded, Humanoid, Mayong Mistmoore, Nocharm, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Undead, Vampire
Grants AA

  • Epic 75 x4 Boss of Castle Mistmoore.
  • Heroic adds every 60 seconds: a vampiric protector
  • One Wolfsbane is used automatically during the fight against him to prevent wolf adds from spawning

Technically a contested mob, since Castle Mistmoore is not instanced. A skilled raid force must fight their way through two floors of Epics in the castle to reach the room in which he spawns.

Additionally, Mayong Mistmoore is the Boss of the Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum raid instance.

See Below
On October 14, 2009, player reports helped Windslasher figure out what's up with the infinite vampiric protectors adding to Mayong in Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum.

Everyone: I can't say exactly when this will get fixed but here's what seems to be happening: 1) The tank pulls Mayong up against the wall. 2) A semi-random number of seconds later, Mayong summons a couple vampiric protectors. 3) Since the vampiric protectors spawn directly in front of and behind Mayong, one of them is outside of the world. 4) Wait a half second or so. The vampire that's outside of the world breaks his encounter because it's bugged. 5) The anti-exploit script on this encounter makes it spawn a new one at the same location. 6) TPK. Infinite loop of vampire spawns.

Now from the above description you should glean the following: It is a very bad idea to fight Mayong up against a wall right now. There should be no problem if you fight him in the middle of the room.

So in summary: Please do not fight Mayong up against the wall until this is fixed! Take him down in the middle of the room instead.

I'll post this thread again if I learn anything new. Thank you. [1]

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