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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Mistmoore Soulmerger67-68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicMistmoore CatacombsNo
Sarkon D'Ryil1   v v v   to   ^Haunted MansionNo
Gandol Deathwing100   ^ ^ ^ HeroicQeynos HarborNo
Sprockbok's Construct83   v v vSebilisNo
Telo NuneoGreater FaydarkNo
A Treespirit Seer54-55   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Blood Gorger64-65   -Loping PlainsNo
WhiseliaAntonia Bayle's ChambersNo
Helna IrongutGreater FaydarkNo
A Treespirit Piercer54-55   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Crushbone Trainer19-20   -Greater FaydarkNo
An Oracle Of Hate32-35   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe D'Vinnian ThroneNo
A Thexian Wizard24   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
Keyrin Curetouch100   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe City of FreeportNo
A D'Ryil Vampire0-1   v vHaunted MansionNo
Saali UstraatGreater FaydarkNo
A Crushbone Emissary18   v vGreater FaydarkNo
A Crushbone Watchman17   v vGreater FaydarkNo
A Thresher Shark69-70   ^Loping PlainsNo
NikforThe HoleNo
Adjutant Iilsatz98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsYes
A Brownie Rake52-53   ^ ^ HeroicThe Lesser FaydarkNo
Ironwood The Cruel60   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Lesser FaydarkNo
An Orc Arsonist10   -Greater FaydarkNo
Zyn'Phro80   ^ ^ ^ HeroicKylong PlainsNo