Haunted Mansion  

Level10 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor


Level 10 to 90 (1-3 Players)
Access This won't end well...
Starting Zone Loping Plains
Required by all? unknown
Speak to Freid Deekat in Gorowyn, Neriak or West Freeport or speak to Skeer Deekat in Kelethin, New Halas or North Qeynos to receive the introductory quest into this zones.

  1. This won't end well... (repeatable once per year)
  2. There Will Be Ghosts (continuously repeatable)
  3. They Won't Miss It (can only be done once on at least your second run through the mansion)

For a full zone walk-through see the quest There Will Be Ghosts.

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Two new rewards were added during Nights of the Dead 2010.

Players working on the Nights of the Dead Devotee quest should keep an eye out for a special object while chasing Sarkon around!


This zone has returned for 2009, but with some new and/or updated quests and quest rewards.

Vampire: After clearing the zone, head back to the flight of stairs. At the first landing, you should now be able to click the giant painting on the wall. This will open up to reveal a staircase!

Go up the stairs and straight to the back. On the second shelf from the bottom there will be a single, small book on a shelf. This book, Destroy All Vampires!, will give you the coveted Lore and Legend: Vampire quest.


Rune, painted in blood, on the floor of Joanne's room.
Rune, painted in blood, on the floor of Joanne's room.
This is the new haunted house for the 2008 Halloween live event.

The zone also contains the following "halloweenish" lore and legends, which my character did not have. This is nice for lower characters who have to wait till higher levels to get Ghost or Evil Eye. These items will not be interactive until your next visit to the Haunted Mansion after completing There Will Be Ghosts.

  • Werewolf: (which you can of course easily get in the village if you know it's there, straight across from the bed where you wake up after being knocked unconscious) bottom shelf of bookcase to right of stairs near where the key drops -5.10, -0.99, -10.58
  • Zombie: second shelf from bottom of left-hand bookcase in music room above where key appears 24.05, -0.98, 6.41
  • Ghost: table on first landing of staircase, behind bookend on right -0.10, 3.26, -13.87
  • Evil Eye: on right side of vanity by flower vase where perfume bottle is in parents' room 30.80, 6.97, -28.74
  • Goblin: second shelf from bottom of left-hand bookcase in childrens' room -28.59, 19.25, -4.89
  • Skeleton: top shelf of right-hand bookcase in childrens' room -32.84, 19.24, -5.02

Nights of the Dead
(Introduced in 2008)

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