Drednever Expedition  

Before the Shattering, the Observers of Ak'Anon tasked the famous explorers Dabner Drednever and Ognit Ezertob with forming an expedition to explore new and uncharted lands. They were never seen again.

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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Celebrating Gnome1   Solusek's EyeNo
A Host Of Thyr Battlemaster50   Solusek's EyeNo
A Host Of Thyr Rampager50   Solusek's EyeNo
Alkfoz PuddlezapThe BonemireNo
An Ambushed Gnome65-60   The BonemireNo
An Expedition ArchaeologistSolusek's EyeNo
An Expedition ArchivistThe BonemireNo
An Expedition ArchivistSolusek's EyeNo
An Expedition Explorer46   Solusek's EyeNo
An Expedition Guard46   Solusek's EyeNo
An Expedition Mender46   Solusek's EyeNo
An Expedition SupplierSolusek's EyeNo
Ark HopmadgerThe BonemireNo
Bigsly SpindlewopThe BonemireNo
Bihmar Finklestar62   The BonemireNo
Bomkin FlickernukThe BonemireNo
Brock ShrillburstThe BonemireNo
Carager RanztockThe BonemireNo
Dagat Bruckenhead64   The BonemireNo
Deebs BeaklutThe BonemireNo
Deegli BubbowusThe BonemireNo
Dur Gravehand64   The BonemireNo
DuvawocketThe BonemireNo
Elly NerwickThe BonemireNo
Ellywig SprocketbakerThe BonemireNo
GarwinkleThe BonemireNo
Gimdimble FizzwoddleThe BonemireNo
Gingus65   The BonemireYes
Gophy PebblenubThe BonemireNo
Hanny PuddlezapThe BonemireNo
Jimtun RubbleyewThe BonemireNo
Keedbit Wonhoney64   The BonemireNo
Kiglin Clobbernoks64   The BonemireNo
Minxy FonwiggleThe BonemireNo
Molfy Sniptooth64   The BonemireNo
Nimni GobbledotThe BonemireNo
Ognit EznertobSolusek's EyeYes
Ohzo DreadfulThe Barren SkyNo
Olfzig KlemtwissThe BonemireNo
Penny DreadfulThe Barren SkyNo
Piiglii Snogwit64   The BonemireNo
Pin SwishtickThe BonemireNo
Pipsy KnogglerufThe BonemireNo
Quogtay Yolkberk64   The BonemireNo
Sappy Tonguebok64   The BonemireNo
Shibtih Ringlis64   The BonemireNo
Snoz CranklekugThe BonemireNo
Vegnit SnogwitThe BonemireNo
Vlar Warflame62   The BonemireNo
Wapcap Fizzcut64   The BonemireNo
Wedgly HammertikThe BonemireNo
Weneb TacklenoggThe BonemireNo
Zook FirebinThe BonemireNo