A Cured Gingus  

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Strider Antivenin
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This quest is initiated by Hailing Elly Nerwick at ({{eq2 loc|24.87,43.62,520.89) after completing "A Poisoned Gingus"

Take the Strider Antivenom to Gingus ( 286,49,575 ) in The Bonemire. Hail Gingus, then escort in to Elly Nerwick in the Dreadnever Camp. Note: He will stumble back to the camp if you keep up with him. Pace yourself at his speed. If you run ahead or lag behind he gets weak and dies. Once in the tent at the camp talk to Elly Nerwick now that Gingus is safe. Return to Elly for your choice of reward; rewards vary by class.

A Poisoned Gingus Bonemire
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