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Brock's Thermal Shocker
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This quest is given by Brock Shrillburst at the Drednever Crash Site in the The Bonemire ( 6, 44, 535 ).

He asks you to seek out Assistant Technician Gingus. He was last seen heading southwest in search of a lost airship part. Gingus has a very important Transfibulater Launch Lug which is needed by Brock.

You can find a wounded Gingus at ( 285, 50, 575 ). He will instruct you to return the Launch Lug by his side to Brock Shrillburst back at the Drednever Crash Site. You will receive some experience and Brock's Thermal Shocker. You will also be asked to speak to Elle Nerwick nearby.

Quest Series
A Poisoned Gingus
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