Remove the Blackscale Threat  

Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 18g, 85s, 15c
Max Coin: 20g, 15s, 40c
Blackscale Weapon Collection
Faction Changes:

  1. Kill Dracomancer Vandalix ( 145.8, 205.1, -616.1 ) .
  2. Kill four Blackscale dracomancers.
    • On the top of the four towers on the Cacotoxic Stain. If you can get up onto the hillside near each tower you can pull from there and avoid the mobs around the base.
  3. Kill 12 blackscales of any sort.
  4. Return to Deebs Beaklut .

Return to Deebs Bonemire
Quest Series
Drednever Expedition Series
Speak to Vegnit Snogwit
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