The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome  

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Related Items:
a soil sample
Gimdimble's dizzwangle
some purple goo
Bag of the Tinkerers
Faction Changes:

Command of the Gnomish language is required to start or complete this quest.

This quest can be started at level 60. Make sure you know the Gnomish language first as it is needed to begin this quest!

You have to rescue an ambushed gnome near the doomwing dig site in order to start this quest. Go to 117, 69, 578 . Two Ambushers and a gnome will spawn, save the gnome from the ambushers before he dies. Speak to him to get the quest.

  1. Gather 5 pile of goo. (big blue globs that spawn in the river). Turn this into Gimdimble Fizzwoddle at -19, 43, 496 in the Dreadnever Crash Site.
  2. Use the Fizzwoddle's Core Sampler, located in your inventory, to collect ground samples. Make sure the name of the area pops up on your screen.
    • There are several of these.
      1. Halls of Fate -33, -374, 5
      2. Akharu's Dig Site -3, -345, -185
      3. Doomwing Excavation Site -213.80, -342.85, 12.32 .
      4. Calling pool -108, -342, 155
      5. Bashir's Excavation 143, -343, 134
      6. Remnants of Xoch 189, -344, -11
      7. Hive Vornerus 40, 88, 816
      8. Cacotoxic Stain 301, 198, -469
      9. Carrion Briar -58, -96, -624
      10. Ghazi's Rest: Take Island of Ravasect and update near big bone head. 950, -108, 445
    • Turn in to the gnome.
  3. Collect soil samples.
    • You must collect 10 soil samples in the hive. This is the big volcano looking thing on the island with dreadnever crash site. The path inside is at 73, 100, 958 . Once inside there are soil samples you have to mine.
    • Turn in to the gnome.
  4. Collect dizzwangle. This spawns on the middle island of Halls of Fate. Go to -123, -771, 296 . You will get thrown off the island when you get this item.
  5. Collect carapace's and padding for the device.
    • Kill 5 a Vornerus drone. These come in groups of 3, one double down arrow and 2 triple down arrows.
    • Kill 5 a fetidthorn horror. These are located around -122, 74, 885 .
    • Turn in to the gnome.
  6. Retrieve gnomes tools. This is on the Remnants of Xoch at 240, -355, -32 .
  7. Kill a young dragon. This is a 65 ^^^. It is a major undercon with a big knockback attack. This spawns on Halls of Fate and flies around the isle before landing on top of the building.
  8. Return to the gnome. He will give you a TEMPORARY Gnomish Safety Hat that gives +200 safe fall, as well as Fizzwoddle's Rocket Pack. When you click on the rocket pack he gives you it will toss you way up in the air. Be sure to stay away from the edge. Talk to the gnome again to complete the quest and receive your rewards: 60,515 status and Bag of the Tinkerers.

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