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Disks are no longer required for any SOE games. To play EverQuest II, download one of the installers below. These will also update any old launchers you might have.

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EverQuest II Installer

Disks are no longer required for any SOE games. If you used to play your old launchers won't work, but they should update when you try them. Here's links to current launchers[1]:

SOE's download web site is

Find links to all SOE game downloads in the SOE Knowledge Base

Station Launcher Installer

The Station Launcher is no longer available. Click for the Station Launcher FAQ.

EverQuest II Trial Installer

This is no trial for EverQuest II, as it's Free to Play. See: Membership Matrix

Recruit-a-Friend Program

The Recruit-a-Friend program has been discontinued. See: The EQII Recruit-a-Friend Program

EverQuest II

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