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The Station Launcher no longer launches EverQuest II. Find the current EverQuest II launchers here: Installer.
See: SOE Retires Old EQII Launchers on Nov 30.

In 2007 Sony introduced the first Beta of it's new Station Launcher client, designed to keep track of all your SOE games, download updates as they become available, and allow you to communicate with all your friends in all your games. While still in Beta, it has matured considerably.

The Station Launcher is the most frequently cited solution for people experiencing extremely slow downloads of the trial or initial installation.

At Fan Faire 2008 the possible feature of integrated Station Voice chat, accessible by cell phone, was presented. There's been no sign of this feature yet.

In June of 2009, as part of the EverQuest II GU52 Test notes, the following was posted:

  • Station Launcher will soon have a new release with voice capability.
  • Station Launcher will allow you to start voice chatting as any of your EQII characters before running the client or while patching.
  • Going into game while voice chatting in Station Launcher will be seamless. If you're already chatting, the client will detect this. If you're voice chatting as a different character than you're playing, a new button will appear on the voice bar allowing you to switch (or you may switch in Station Launcher).
  • Station Launcher will keep voice chat active after the client closes.

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