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EverQuest II announced its move to Free-to-Play on November 10, 2011. EverQuest II Extended (and the Freeport server) became unified with the other EQII servers as part of the EverQuest II brand with this change.

With the transition to All Access silver membership is no longer available for sale on the marketplace. Existing players with silver will still retain the benefits of silver membership.

For more information about All-Access, see

For more information about the differences between free and All-access benefits, see

EverQuest II Free-to-Play Membership Matrix
Account Membership & Price
Free [1]
No purchase required
N/A (N/A)
Gold (All Access)
$14.99 USD/month
Content Access
EverQuest II Altar of MaliceFull Access [4]
Player Character RacesFull Access [5][6]
(excluding Freeblood&Aerakyn)
Player Character ClassesFull Access [7][8]
(Beastlord included with AoD). Channeler Available for purchase on marketplace.
Tradeskill ClassesFull access to all primary and secondary tradeskill classes.
Player Character LevelsCan play through level 100 in Adventuring and Tradeskilling who have at least 280 AAs.
Character Slots [9]247
Ability (Spell) Tiers [10]MasterFull Access
Equipment UpgradesFull Access
(including Mastercrafted Legendary & Mastercrafted Fabled)
Bonus 5 Ascension Scrolls (Weekly) [11]NoYes
Prestige Equipment UpgradesNoYes
Player HousingFull access to all housing types and all six house vault slots.
Guild HallsFull access to using their guild hall and all amenities not restricted by membership. [12]
Feature Access
Inventory Bag Slots 6
Coin Limitations
(per character)
Membership Benefits Buff [13]NoYes
Double Alternate Currency [14]NoYes
Saveable Equipment Sets [15]NoYes
Map UI Fast Travel [16]NoYes
In-Game Mail [17]Can only receive in-game mail.Send & Receive
Personal Bank SpaceFull AccessFull AccessFull Access
Shared Bank SpaceFull AccessFull AccessFull Access
Guild Bank SpaceFull access to available space if character is in a guild. [18]
Broker SystemNo Buying or Selling [19]No Selling [20]Full Access
Active Quest JournalFull AccessFull AccessFull Access
In-Game ChatCan only use /say, /tell,
/group and /guild
Full Access
Voice ChatUnlimited
Guild Join/CreateJoin OnlyJoin and Create
Account Services
Customer ServiceKnowledge Base Only [21]
(full support for transaction based issues)
Full Support
Station Cash Purchasable via any available methods.Purchasable via any available methods.
Bonus 500 per month given to recurring Gold.
Pop-Up AdvertisementIn-game pop-up reminders to upgrade to Gold.None
  1. ^ The "Free" membership tier was formerly known as Bronze when the EverQuest II Extended service existed. Former Bronze members will be converted to the Free tier.
  2. ^ Silver Membership was a one-time fee of 500 Station Cash (SC or ).
  3. ^ Gold membership can be purchased as recurring or non-recurring plans in 1, 3, 6 or 12 month increments.
  4. ^ The Terrors of Thalumbra and Age of Discovery expansion packs can be purchased separately for more content.
  5. ^ The Freeblood character race is available on the Station Cash Marketplace
  6. ^ The Aerakyn character race is available on the Station Cash Marketplace
  7. ^ .The Beastlord class is only available with the purchase of the Age of Discovery expansion.
  8. ^ The Channeler Class is available on the Station Cash Marketplace
  9. ^ Unlimited additional character slots can be purchased by any tier on the Station Cash Marketplace.
  10. ^ Free and Silver members can receive further upgrades on individual abilities by purchasing Spell Unlocker Packs from the Station Cash Marketplace.
  11. ^ 5 ascension scrolls obtainable (per charater) from ascension trainers every 6 days, 20 hours.
  12. ^ Some membership tiers may find themselves restricted from using guild hall amenities such as the Broker.
  13. ^ gives buff +10% ground mount speed, +10% air mount speed, +15% coin looted
  14. ^ When you get currencies that go into your currency tab as loot, you get double.
  15. ^ Allows you to save multiple equipment loadouts and swap them at the click of a button
  16. ^ Allows you to click a button from your main map and travel directly to another open overland/city zone without having to visit a bell, wiz spire or druid ring.
  17. ^ Players on PvP servers cannot send mail to players of opposing alignment to their own.
  18. ^ Guild bank access can be restricted based on a character's guild rank by guild leaders and officers. Guild bank space available is dependent upon a guild's level.
  19. ^ Free members can make purchases or sales on the Broker System by using Marketplace broker credits.
  20. ^ Silver members can make sales on the Broker System by using Marketplace broker credits.
  21. ^ Free and Silver Membership accounts will receive customer service to resolve real money transaction based issues only. Support for other gameplay and performance issues is available at the online knowledge base.

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