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Armor Ornaments

Copperleaf (Group)

Echoing Memoryweave (raid)

Weapon Ornaments

Crucible Weapon Ornaments

These weapon ornamentations can be obtained by preordering Laurion's Song.

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Crucible Steel Arcane Staff Ornament Crucible Steel Axe Ornament Crucible Steel Broadsword Ornament Crucible Steel Buckler Ornament Crucible Steel Club Ornament Crucible Steel Fighting Staff Ornament
Crucible Steel Fist Ornament Crucible Steel Foil Ornament Crucible Steel Great Censer Ornament Crucible Steel Halberd Ornament Crucible Steel Hammer Ornament Crucible Steel Hooked Dagger Ornament
Crucible Steel Longbow Ornament Crucible Steel Mace Ornament Crucible Steel Maul Ornament Crucible Steel Medium Shield Ornament Crucible Steel Riding Bow Ornament Crucible Steel Sabre Ornament
Crucible Steel Serrated Dagger Ornament Crucible Steel Spear Ornament Crucible Steel Straight Dagger Ornament Crucible Steel Tower Shield Ornament Crucible Steel War Sword Ornament

Group Weapons and Shields

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Tier 1

Abide Avowed Relic of Holy Revelation Bloodthirsty Shank Blue Claw Bow of Fiery Revelation Cadence Cudgel
Chrono-Locked Carapace Shield Club of Fiery Revelation Corrupted Thirst Diminutive Dissconant Defender Faktor, Destroyer of Spinal Columns Fandrel's Melody
Forgebound Smallsword of Remembered Revelation Laurie's Song Magna's Refrain Mallet of Reprised Strength Mortie's Hammer Ox Tongue of the Falls
Reprisal Royal Slasher of Consumption Sharp Hook Sword of Forgebound Pugnaciousness Ticktock's Ritual Blade of the Influencer Willbreaker, the Dark Omen
Wolyenie, Eloquent Elegy

Tier 2

  • Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image. Hover mouse over name of weapon to see the stats.

Adorned Alloyed Dagger Battlestaff of Virtue Bug Squasher Ceremonial Brawler of the Rebellion Crushenda Death Dealer
Dreamspiral Feather Fury General Dotal's Chicken Crusher Geomimus' Spare Wand Kele's Tail Cutter Kor's Ritual Scepter
Protection of Periwinkle Rod of the Firestarter Sourge Blade of Tarantis Sharpened Matallic Fingernails Sliver of Victory Sorick's Staff of the Transcending Spirit
Taloned Heater Shield Tilion's Sword of War Tutt's Hammer Twisted Shank of the Quarry Vision of Tenderstump Voosi's Crusher
Wrought-Iron Rampart Wyndrazer Zee`lee's Folly


  • Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.. Hover mouse over name of weapon to see the stats.

Arcane Staff of Perpetual Reverie Athame of Perpetual Reverie Axe of Perpetual Reverie Bardiche of Perpetual Reverie Broadsword of Perpetual Reverie Buckler of Perpetual Reverie
Club of Perpetual Reverie Fighting Staff of Perpetual Reverie Flanged Mace of Perpetual Reverie Great Censer of Perpetual Reverie Great Sword of Perpetual Reverie Hammer of Perpetual Reverie
Hooked Dagger of Perpetual Reverie Injection Dagger of Perpetual Reverie Katar of Perpetual Reverie Longbow of Perpetual Reverie Mace of Perpetual Reverie Maul of Perpetual Reverie
Poleaxe of Perpetual Reverie Rapier of Perpetual Reverie Riding Bow of Perpetual Reverie Ritual Dagger of Perpetual Reverie Scimitar of Perpetual Reverie Short Spear of Perpetual Reverie
Spear of Perpetual Reverie Spiked Shield of Perpetual Reverie Sword of Perpetual Reverie Tower Shield of Perpetual Reverie War Hammer of Perpetual Reverie War Sword of Perpetual Reverie

Raid Weapons and Shields

Tier 1

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Autumnal Guardian Autumnal Staff Axe of Fallen Leaves Barbed Morning Star Barrier of Briars Basher-Smasher
Bow of Falling Leaves Dusack of the Hotariton Fortuitous Scepter of Xev Bristlebane Gilded Staff of the Master Magus Guardian of the Innocent Harvest Blade
Helix Rapier Invictus Warmaker Kar's Crusher Katar of the Mist Falcon Limb of the Wardbreaker Mourning Star
Ogna's Spinning Axe Pike of Selflessness Poetic Elddar Shank of Heartbreak Snake Biter Spiked Hammer of the Forge
Stagger-Dagger Takish Sabre Unbalanced Club

Raid Tradeskill

  • Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.. Hover mouse over name of weapon to see the stats.

Arcane Staff of Eternal Reverie Athame of Eternal Reverie Axe of Eternal Reverie Bardiche of Eternal Reverie Broadsword of Eternal Reverie Buckler of Eternal Reverie
Club of Eternal Reverie Fighting Staff of Eternal Reverie Flanged Mace of Eternal Reverie Great Censer of Eternal Reverie Great Sword of Eternal Reverie Hammer of Eternal Reverie
Hooked Dagger of Eternal Reverie Injection Dagger of Eternal Reverie Katar of Eternal Reverie Longbow of Eternal Reverie Mace of Eternal Reverie Maul of Eternal Reverie
Rapier of Eternal Reverie Riding Bow of Eternal Reverie Ritual Dagger of Eternal Reverie Scimitar of Eternal Reverie Short Spear of Eternal Reverie Spear of Eternal Reverie
Spiked Shield of Eternal Reverie Sword of Eternal Reverie Tower Shield of Eternal Reverie War Hammer of Eternal Reverie War Sword of Eternal Reverie


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