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Expansion Lore


A door appears in the Plane of Tranquility, and the heroes of Norrath walk through to find a warm and cozy-looking building. Light from the windows illuminates a clearing in a forest. Music and voices as well as the tantalizing smell of cooking meat and mead drift on the air. The inn’s presence invites adventurers to rest and revel after exhausting and dangerous exploits.

Welcome to the Realm of Heroes, the place where the greatest heroes go when their adventures are over. Nobody remembers the last time anyone entered or left this place. Can you discover what the mystery is that lies under the façade of comfort and revelry? Why is the Realm open now? Why was it closed for so long? To help you along the way, there are other doors within the inn that open onto memories of when someone proved that they are a hero. You can participate in those exploits and see how heroes of the past became the legends of today. This is the time for the current heroes of Norrath to show their worth and unravel the mystery that is the Realm of Heroes.

Zone Lore

  • Laurion Inn

“Nestled in a serene forest, Laurion Inn is a haven for heroes. Run by the retired adventurer Shalowain, this cozy inn features roaring fireplaces, a stage for epic tales, and lush gardens. It seems the ideal place to rest after a great adventure. This is the heart of the Realm of Heroes. And here is where anyone can experience the heroic deeds of others of the Realm. But things are not as serene as they seem. There is a tension here. Talk among the patrons hints that things seem off in the memories behind the doors upstairs.”

  • Timorous Falls

Eureka's Tumble, a cherished tavern famed for its exceptional brews, perches on the river's edge, its great wheel and grindstone powered by the rushing waters beside the renowned Timorous Falls. With the support of farmers that grow specialized grain, the tavern exports its beverages across the lands. But underneath all of the joviality and chatter lies a sinister plot, cultists seeking to seize or control the Tumble to please their dark deity. Into this setting arrives Elistyl Kanghammer, knight of Innoruuk. Despite his loyalty to his own dark god, he finds himself compelled to save a child kidnapped by the cultists, challenging his own notions of heroism.

  • Ankexfen Keep

A formidable goblin stronghold hidden in the icy north of Norrath, near what will become Halas. These goblins, intelligent and ruthless, serve the god of war, Rallos Zek. Unlike modern goblin abodes, this fortress is a striking stone structure adorned with orange and gold and housing a massive statue of Rallos Zek. The cold, snowy landscape contrasts with the fort's imposing presence. Captured enemies of the Rallosian Empire are held in the basement prison. The entire structure and those that inhabit it exude intimidation and a dark sense of vitality.

  • Moors Of Nokk

Moors of Nokk embodies the heroic memories of Dhakka Nogg, a resilient female ogre wizard who defied the oppressive ogre and Rallosian war culture. The moors lie just beyond the city of Nokk, stretching from Nokk Hollow halfway across Blightfire Moors. This is an enlightened ogre settlement devoted to Rallos Zek which serves as a training and patrol ground for the Rallosian army. This is, in many ways, the heart of the ogrish portion of the Rallosion Empire, where discipline, war, and cruelty are taught. Here is where Dhakka Nogg finds her moment to stand for what she believes in, despite all the pain and suffering it causes her.

  • Unkempt Woods

Unkempt Woods has become legendary to Norrathians as an ancient, unspoiled wilderness. It is a pristine place. Mountainous landscape nestled along a great river, untouched by the ruin of civilization. As the Elddar, guided by Tunare, seek refuge here, they encounter a menacing Rallosian invasion. Ogres, orcs, and goblins arriving to endanger the land's tranquility. Amidst these conflicts Thornel Grayleaf attempts to forge an alliance with reclusive dwarves and an eclectic group of heroes to thwart the Rallosian war machine's advance. This sets the stage for a grand clash between nature, civilization, and war, where unlikely allies must unite against a common threat.

  • The Hero's Forge

The Hero's Forge is the haven of Elmara Emberclaw. She was once a quiet monk trying to overcome the grief of her sister's disappearance. Elmara was drawn into the world of adventuring by Shalowain. While the party celebrated their heroic deeds, Elmara saw the world's suffering and realized people must be their own heroes but should not be left to do so alone. The forge works day and night. Magical minions tirelessly craft powerful equipment, while phoenixes take that gear where it is needed most, Norrath. Elmara might hold the key to the mystery of the closing and subsequent opening of the Realm of Heroes.

  • Pal'Lomen

In a mystical forest, an Eldarr village named Pal`Lomen stands as a sanctuary within nature's embrace. Glowing Laurion Trees, ancient and enchanting, cast an ethereal light. The village's thorned defenses, interwoven with ferns and moss, shelter its people. A harmonious coexistence with the land thrives. Yet, the tranquility is shattered by the relentless Rallosian invaders. Shalowain, a bard longing to be a great hero, returns home to face a moment of reckoning. As the Laurion Trees hum their music, this small village confronts its darkest hour.

Laurion's Song

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