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All quests in Laurion's Song are level required.

All zones are unlocked.

List of Tasks

Listed here are all tasks and group missions. Group missions have a ? hour lockout to request a different mission.

  • Bolded tasks represent progression task arc.
    • Each zones adventures and tasks make up a linear series to be completed in the order they're listed below.

Note: Most or all starting task NPCs are findable with the CTRL+F (Find) option. However some of these NPC's are located in other zones besides where the quest takes place.

Tier 1

Ankexfen Keep

  • Missions
    • None

Laurion Inn

  • Partisan Tasks
    • None

  • Missions
    • None

Timorous Falls

It is recommended to finish the first Partisan task (What Happens in the Falls, Stays in the Falls) first before getting the Mercenary tasks because the 2nd partisan task ties directly in the mobs you will be killing for the Mercenary tasks.

  • Missions
    • None

Tier 2

Moors of Nokk

  • Missions
    • None


The Hero's Forge

Unkempt Woods

  • Missions
    • None


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