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NameTypeLow LevelHigh LevelExpansion
Trials Of The AwakenedInstanced Indoor00Kingdom of Sky
The BonemireOutdoor6070Kingdom of Sky
Ascent Of The Awakened: Audience With The GuardianInstanced Indoor7474Kingdom of Sky
The Library Of Light: DiversionIndoor190Kingdom of Sky
The Nest Of The Great EggIndoor6070Kingdom of Sky
The Egg's BlessingInstanced Indoor6070Kingdom of Sky
Palace Of The AwakenedIndoor6570Kingdom of Sky
The Temple Of Scale: Pedestal Of The PriestessInstanced Indoor6874Kingdom of Sky
Halls Of The SeeingInstanced Indoor7070Kingdom of Sky
Ascent Of The AwakenedIndoor6370Kingdom of Sky
The Halls Of FateIndoor6070Kingdom of Sky
Sanctum Of The ScalebornIndoor6070Kingdom of Sky
The Temple Of ScaleIndoor6070Kingdom of Sky
The Barren SkyOutdoor6070Kingdom of Sky
The Halls Of Fate Epxi01 SepulcherIndoor00Kingdom of Sky
The Vaults Of El'AradInstanced Indoor6575Kingdom of Sky
DeathtollInstanced Indoor6570Kingdom of Sky
The CryptInstanced Indoor6670Kingdom of Sky
Tenebrous TangleOutdoor5570Kingdom of Sky
The Den Of The DevourerInstanced Indoor6070Kingdom of Sky
The Laboratory Of Lord VyemmInstanced Indoor6070Kingdom of Sky
The Lyceum Of AbhorrenceInstanced Indoor7176Kingdom of Sky
The Blackscale SepulcherInstanced Indoor6570Kingdom of Sky
The Overrealm ArenaInstanced Indoor00Kingdom of Sky
Den Of The DevourerInstanced Indoor6770Kingdom of Sky