Ascent of the Awakened: Audience with the Guardian  

Level74 - 74
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionKingdom of Sky


Raid Information
Raid ZoneAscent of the Awakened: Audience with the Guardian
ExpansionKingdom of Sky
Success5 days 20 hours
Failure12 hours
Instance for Talendor and Gorenaire. Must have completed the "Audience With The Guardian" quest, which requires you to finish the x2 instance.

Now, with this instance, you can only spawn one of the dragons at a time. Which means, if you are doing Deathtoll access, you need to kill one and then come back later for the other. The trash here is pretty easy, just kill the stuff around the edges of the room and head to the elevator. You do not need to kill every single piece of trash in the zone. Once at the elevator, pick your dragon of choice.

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Teleports his current target to one of three locations in the zone every 45 seconds or so. First location is the spawn point of Talendor, second is spawn point of Gornaire and third location is cross over the spawn point of Talendor in the first floor.

Spawns level 57^^^'s every time something dies.

You may want to have brawlers pull the agro off the MT before the teleport goes off to save your MT. Also, he has a 60 second recast, cold-based AOE. Have your melee DPS joust this as much as possible. Aside from these things, he's fairly straightfoward to deal with.


Has an AE that spawns two 'liquid fire' adds for each player or pet that is hit by it, making accurate jousting very important. The adds autoattack for crushing damage, and are mezzable. This AOE is on a 50 second timer.

Talendor also has a 25,000 point heal called Prayer of Harla Dar that he uses 3-4 minutes after the fight begins.

He also has a knockback that makes positioning the MT important. Healers should be able to heal from max range without getting hit by the AE if properly positioned.

Other than that, he has a 65 second AOE which is a heat-based debuff. Just have your healers cure it asap and he should be pretty easy to deal with.

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