Level65 - 70
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionKingdom of Sky


Raid Information
Success5 days 20 hours
Failure12 hours

Deathtoll is accessible by clicking the teleportal device at -296.3, -74, -516 on the Carrion Briar in the Bonemire. This is a high level raid zone. You must also complete the questline that starts with By Land? By Air? By Sea? (Note: In GU58 the access quest requirement to enter this zone has been dropped). Only 1 person in the raid needs this completed.

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On zoning in make sure your raid force stay put until everyone has arrived as there are invisible mobs & traps all over this zone. the first task is to clear the opening room (helps if you can get see invis on your MT at least - use totem of the Butterfly if no casters available).

To get up the ramp you'll need to turn off the fire trap. Send someone with high heat resists (10K+) up the ramp to deactivate the trap. If you have a player who has completed the quest in here they can use the flameshield they got as a reward to do this. Once the trap is deactivated you will have an immediate spawn of an aggro Gazer to deal with, so be ready.

Head through the tunnel, sending a monk first to spring the traps which are littered throughout this zone.

Trash mobs

a Deathless Gazer

* The hardest mobs in the zone. They are only trash that respawn.
* Approx 850k HP. Cast charm on MT, and do heat/cold aes. One is avoidable by staying behind mob, one is 360.
* They are all over the zone in invisible and stealthed forms. Be VERY careful with the pulling.

a Carrion Worm

* Trap mobs that spawn all around the zone, especially tunnels. Use FDers to trigger them to safely pull back to raid.


Yitzik the Hurler

Location: Above second open area near bowmen.
Level: 73x4
Health: 1.2M HP
Attack: Crush

* Minor knockback, long recast

Note: Has a single target knockback which will affect tank. Uses brawler abilities, and can be fought either up top or down below. Randomly spawns heroic adds that can be mezzed or quickly DPSed. Not very difficult at all.


Location: Through tunnel past Hurler, in Library -564.7, 119.4, -250.2 (location update needed for Claymore)
Level: 73x4
Health: 2.8M HP (1.8M HP first wave, 1M second wave)
Attack: Crush

* AE stun, drops target, ~50s
* Huge low range crushing flurry damage, ~110s

Note: Casts mana drain. Fight has two waves. When he gets low enough the first time, he will run accross bridge to other side and rest, if you do not attack him when he changes sides of the bridge he will reset and wait for raid to come again, this will give your raid time to power up, if anyone in raid attacks him while he is crossing the bridge, he will not rest and start fighting again with stats back up to 100%.

Randomly spawns a set of 70 heroic books, easily dpsed down...!

Amorphous Drake

Location: Spawns in bowl after Fitzpitzle, after corpulscent mobs have been cleared.
Level: 74x4
Health: 850K HP
Attack: Crush (Immune to Pierce)

* Huge Frontal Fire Cone, ~30s
* Huge low range crushing flurry damage, ~110s

* At 50% health he splits into two. These two mobs must be dragged far apart and killed separately. If they are not separated they will re-form into the Amorphous Drake at 100% health. You will get an emote when they are far enough away.

Virulent Corpuscle

Level: 74x4
Health: 550K HP

* Immune to Slash.
* Withering Shroud, ST DD (high damage amount) + Power drain (can be 100%).
* Stunning Cry, AE DD + Short stun.

Healthy Corpuscle

Level: 74x4
Health: 550K HP

* Immune to Crush.
* Strike of Destruction, AE DD Crushing
* Stunning Cry, AE DD + Short stun.

Virulent does not need to be killed first. Put an Assassin in the group with the tank who is on this mob to help tank keep aggro with the power drain.

On wipe Amorphous Drake does not properly reset, he will come back to the place where the 2 goos remerge into the Amorphous Drake, often making corpse recovery quite difficult. If the raid is wiping, make sure you try to move away from where he merged back together. Amorphous Drake can reform even with one of the Corpuscles dead. Make sure you keep them split even when one is a corpse or even better loot the corpse so it can't reform.

Tarinax the Destroyer

Location: Through tunnel to the left past Drake. Continue to moat, Tarinax is triggered once you get close. Will not automatically agro.
Level: 75x4 (warning: Orange Con)
Health: 1.5Mil HP (Since EoF)

The secret to this mob is not dying, dismiss all pets of any sort, as if any player or pet dies, that death will spawn multiple agro mobs, so steady dps with no agro hounds is the way. Fight this mob in the water to avoid his big time KB, best to stay in a tight grp to ensure all players are in range of grp heals and (particularly) group cures. Make sure healers look for his curable AOE DOT, if it is not cured within 5 seconds it will spawn more agro mobs as well, even if it did not kill the players with it on.
* Necrotic Erosion, frontal Poison cone, ~70s
* Soul Disruption, low damage long range Poison AE, ~70s
* Soul Blast, high damage medium range Poison AE, sometimes drops player buffs, ~60s

Cruor Alluvium

Location: Through tunnel to the right past Drake. Clear the track down in order to spawn mobs in water as agro. Kill those, and he becomes agro in water.
Level: 74x4 (decieving: drops debuffs very frequently)
Health: 1.1M HP

* Very high damage disease DoT. Increases damage the closer you are to mob. ~70s

* Very difficult mob, easily the hardest in DT. Must have very high disease resists, and range. Fight mob in water as he will teleport people to the bottom. Very low hp, use max DPS from start to bring him down quickly. If fight goes on for long, you will likely die.

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