Charasis: Maiden's Chamber  

Level77 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionRise of Kunark


Level 77 to 80 (Heroic)
Minimum18 hours
Maximum1 day 11 hours
Other Maps
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The entrance is in Jarsath Wastes at 815.01, -128.06, 375.36 .

With the October 2, 2014 patch this will be a level agnostic zone.

Basic Zone Guide

  1. Pull and kill Bi'tithu then walk around his spawn point for a noclip floor section and fall down. Kill the trash you find. Flip the lever to unlock Sandstorm's room.
  2. Go to to Sandstorm's room (the NE room) and kill him. Then look for an interact-able statue/object. This will unlock Impaler Tzilug's prison.
  3. Head to the room directly south and kill Gear of the Ancients. Flip the lever.
  4. Take the hall south and follow the corridor west, then around the u bend and north. Kill Impaler Tzilug in the north west room.
  5. Backtrack down to the southern-most hall and enter the southern room in the hallway.
  6. Click the sathirian scroll. Three named will spawn: before attacking examine each named's buff bar .
    • one of them with have a buff that causes them to deathsave the other two. The same named always has the buff but their spawn locations are random.
  7. Exit the room through the south doors and take the teleporter to Drusella Sathir's room
  8. Drusella Sathir: during your fight with her she casts a ritual ability and emotes about it that causes bones to pop up around her. While it is up any damage she takes will heal her.

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