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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
Further Research 30 Tradeskill No No
Pelt Parlay 90 Tradeskill No No
Accord Assistance - Swamp Foot Lotion 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
Beaks Away! 35 Tradeskill No No
Snappy Trapping 90 Tradeskill No No
Report To Quel'ule 83 Tradeskill No No
Further Essential Studies 85 Tradeskill No No
Far Seas Alchemical Requisition 74 (Rush Order) 74 Tradeskill No Infinite
Tools For Their Trade 30 Tradeskill No No
Bathezid Senior Scholar Work Requisition 76 Tradeskill No Infinite
Termite Troubles, Part III 100 Tradeskill Yes No
Supplies For Thurgadin 90 Tradeskill No No
Eats Shoots And Leaves 85 Tradeskill No No
A Sturdy Maple Mallet 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
Zubzub's Munchies 79 Tradeskill No No
Far Seas Fletching Requisition 54 (Rush Order) 54 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
Far Seas Culinary Requisition 79 (Rush Order) 79 Tradeskill No Infinite
Salt Of The Earth 35 Tradeskill No No
Storage Situation 15 Tradeskill No No
Riliss Journeyman Outfitter Work Order 74 Tradeskill No Infinite
Termite Troubles, Part I 100 Tradeskill Yes No
Fast Fabrication 15 Tradeskill No No
It's A Long Way Down 90 Tradeskill No No
Working Hard For Tupta - Pottering Around 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
A Sturdy Hanging Root Basket 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite