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Unresearched Notes
Completed Notes
Min Coin: 21s, 49c
Max Coin: 24s, 54c
Recipe: Gallie's Researched Notes
Far Seas Trading Company Token

Speak to Ellerith Groundspark at 332, 194, 551 in Butcherblock Mountains to begin this quest. You must be a level 30+ tradeskiller.

  1. Speak to Gallie Shimmercloud next to the Highlands Outpost griffon station at 327, 189, 497
  2. Click on the sparkling notes on the table right next to Gallie. Scribe the Recipe: Gallie's Researched Notes that you just picked up.
  3. Use an engraved desk at the docks ( 756, 26, 606 ) make 5 Completed Notes. You'll need (each combine returns 2):
  4. Return to Gallie with the notes.
  5. Return to Ellerith to complete the quest.


Tools for their Trade Leaper Mount
Quest Series
Over Their Heads
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