Premonitions of Disaster  

Only good aligned players may do this quest series. If you are evil aligned, begin with the quest Demands to the Ravens.

Speak to Envoy Tami Swifthammer at 62, 153, -130 in Frostfang Sea to begin this quest.

Tami and you must warn the local citizens of impending disaster!

  1. Warn the Sisters of Erollisi
    • Speak to Sister Thog MacGilly at the Cairn of the Huntress ( 51,148,-57 )
  2. Warn the Wolves of the North
    • Speak to Gert Wolfbane in Wolf's Wrath ( 125,158,-144 )
  3. Return to Tami

At this point, Envoy Tami Swifthammer becomes a merchant who will sell you appropriate advanced tier 2 books! She will remain inside Erronson's Furs and Leathers in New Halas. You can also pick up the Ironforge Exchange Basic Recipes from the table next to Tami by clicking on the book at 62,153,-130 .

Tami suggests that you venture over to Butcherblock Mountains to see if you can continue your tradeskill work there. While she does not directly give you a quest to take you there, crafters who are Tradeskill level 20 or higher can speak with Cordelia Galeston to begin the Butcherblock Tradeskill series.


  • +250 faction with your tradeskill society
  • Choice of one T2 rare harvest

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