Butcherblock Tradeskill Quests (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Butcherblock Tradeskill Quests
Quest Series
Starting ZoneButcherblock Mountains
Rec. LevelsArtisan 20+
Previous New Halas
Next Leaper Mount
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Game Update #57
August 18, 2010

On the docks of Butcherblock Mountains, a representative from the Far Seas Supply Division is seeking help from level 20+ tradeskillers. Speak to Cordelia Galeston at 698, 24, 581 to begin this series. Once you have completed all nine quests, you can return to Cordelia at the Butcherblock Docks to pick up your Tier 3 (levels 20-29) advanced recipe books.

  1. A Binding Contract
  2. For the Greater Goods
  3. Freelance Fletcher
  4. Turning Turtle
  5. The Bear Essentials
  6. Dwarven Blades
  7. Alternate Assayer
  8. Smith-on-the-Spot
  9. Good Ore Bad?

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