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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Sulvin T. Smalls85   ^The CryptYes
QueueKylong PlainsNo
Ursel WrenchwanMoors of YkeshaNo
Durkix KizzkinThe GraveyardNo
A Brigand Blacksmith9   vQeynos Interior (irontoes)No
Adam CogbusterSteamfont MountainsNo
Beldrin FindleboltThe City of FreeportNo
Hanny PuddlezapThe BonemireNo
Professor Ebenezer Cogsworth VIGreater FaydarkNo
Tall JimThe Salty Lass IINo
Wix WimblewickOutpost of the OverlordNo
A Captured Prisoner1   v v vCourt of KorucustNo
Mr. McScroogle1   -North QeynosNo
Plinka FiddleSteamfont MountainsNo
Sparrow CogcarrierAntonicaNo
Advisor Fazzleburn19   ^Invasion of the ValeYes
A Coalition Jeweler1   -The Coalition FactoryNo
Vargbend Cogwinder60   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe FeerrottYes
A Concordium Guard1   -The Summoning ChamberNo
Ann WilkesTimorous DeepNo
Fluwkowir HaggletonOakmyst ForestNo
A Tormented Serilian Spirit70   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSteamfont MountainsNo
Bobble Whirlwidget10   ^Outpost of the OverlordNo
Gimdimble FizzwoddleThe BonemireNo
Qurst85   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNorth FreeportNo