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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Seelie Observer44   vThe Tower of the DraflingNo
Belimee ViperwingThe City of FreeportNo
Seamist Fairy YasintaThe Maid for the MistNo
A Fae Drake Bonesnapper53-54   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Lesser FaydarkNo
A Fayllian Prankster50-51   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Villisis Dweller80-81   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChardokNo
A Sullian Partisan26-28   -Nektulos ForestNo
A Seedling Drake1   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Emerald Halls: Guardian of GrowthNo
SpotGreater FaydarkNo
Riasha38   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe FeerrottYes
A Mist Guard40-42   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Unkempt Vale: A Lordly ConfrontationNo
LexxiunaGreater FaydarkNo
A Bixiefire Wanderer27   v v vThe Maid for the MistNo
A Razorwing Beguiler38   ^ ^ HeroicThe Crypt of T'haenNo
A Sunshimmer Sprite7-8   v v v   to   v vOakmyst ForestNo
A Fayllian Arcanist56-57   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Lesser FaydarkNo
Lady Maave98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Solusek's Eye: The CallingYes
The King Of Balefires70   ^The BonemireYes
Sullian Royal Defender27-28   vNektulos ForestNo
A Dead Fairy30   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEnchanted LandsNo
A Fairy Honorguard73   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Emerald HallsNo
A Darkflight Witch40-41   ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo
A Mischievous Maiden30-33   vEnchanted LandsNo
A Gloompall Gustbreaker60   -Tenebrous TangleNo
DalniniaNektulos ForestNo