The Court of the Coin  

The Court of the Coin is led by Neriph, Caliph of the Coin. They control the flow of money in the city of Maj'Dul, including merchant transactions, banking and wagering. The Golden Scepter is the center of the dervin economy.

Their headquarters is The Court of the Coin. Inside you can find a banker, broker, faction merchants and more quests.

Speak to The Court of the Coin consul inside The Tower of the Moon in Maj'Dul to raise your faction by turning in opposing court insignia tokens. You can trade him Blades insignia tokens or Truth insignia tokens, which can be earned by killing opposing court guards or by completing Court of Tears quests. Each token will raise your faction with the Court of the Coin by 250 and lower the other two factions by 250.

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