Court of the Coin: Imminent Danger  

This quest is given to you by Neriph, Caliph of the Coin in the Court of Coin upon completing the Court of the Coin: Setting the House in Order quest.

  1. Neriph sends you into The Living Tombs to survey for an expedition:
    • Survey the Residence Court - auto update at -344, -9, 511
    • Survey the Priestess' Court - auto update at -110, 12, 120
    • Survey the Statue Court - auto update at -65, 1, 390
  2. Now inspect the entrance sewer in Living Tombs -633, 3, 327 . This is an auto update.
  3. You will get jumped by a group of 3 level 54vv Tomb Raiders and a 4 or 5 minute timer will start. Kill them.
  4. Go speak with Barusha The Tradesman at the Hizite Camp in The Sinking Sands at -1166, -150, -305 (climb up at the Oasis of Marr camp and to the left a bit). Again you will get jumped, a group of 3 level 55vv Dervish Assassins and 4 min timer. Kill them.
  5. After killing the assassins, speak to Amina nearby.
  6. Head to The Pillars of Flame and find Amina's husband Nabil in an instanced zone at 287, -87, -490 . After talking to Nabil, you will again be attacked by a group of 4 Dervish Assassins (2x55 vv 2x55 vvv). Kill them.
  7. Assassination orders will drop, read them to complete the Court of the Coin progression series. This opens up the Court of the Coin: Imminent Danger Instance which you can do once per three days on success.

Completing this and the Truth and Blades series of quests will open up the The Courts Of Maj'Dul: Of Fate And Destiny quest.

Court of the Coin: Setting the House in Order Maj'Dul
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Court of the Coin
The Courts of Maj'Dul: Of Fate and Destiny
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