Wailing Caves (EQ2 Quest Series)  

There's no true series here, just various quests that send you here from other areas.

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Averus series

These start with Averus Justarius in West Freeport.

  1. Averus, Part I (11)
  2. Averus, Part II (11)
  3. Averus, Part III (13)
  4. Averus, Part IV (15)

Nomad series

These quests originate from the NPCs in the East and West Nomad Camps in The Commonlands.

  1. Quell the Undead (13)
  2. The Search for Ariana (15)
  3. Double Cross & Revenge (14)

Far Seas Requisitions

These all drop in the Commonlands, but take you to The Wailing Caves:

Dropped Quests

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