Tradeskill Fuels (EQ2)  

With Game Update 58 the naming conventions of the fuel were changed for consistency.

Tier & Levels New Fuel Name
Old Fuel Name
Tier 1 (1-9)
basic candle candle
basic coal coal
basic filament filament
basic incense incense
basic kindling walnut kindling
basic sandpaper
Tier 2 (10-19)
glowing candle paraffin wax candle
glowing coal brown coal
glowing filament thread filament
glowing incense cedar incense
glowing kindling mulberry kindling
glowing sandpaper
abrasive sandpaper
Tier 3 (30-39)
sparkling candle tallow wax candle
sparkling coal dull black coal
sparkling filament fiber filament
sparkling incense jasmine incense
sparkling kindling cherry kindling
sparkling sandpaper
coarse sandpaper
Tier 4 (40-49)
glimmering candle gel wax candle
glimmering coal dark brown coal
glimmering filament wire filament
glimmering incense sandalwood incense
glimmering kindling hickory kindling
glimmering sandpaper garnet sandpaper

Tier & Levels New Fuel Name
Old Fuel Name
Tier 5 (40-49)
luminous candle beeswax candle
luminous coal lustrous black coal
luminous filament fine filament
luminous incense patchouli incense
luminous kindling mesquite kindling
luminous sandpaper
diamond sandpaper
Tier 6 (50-59)
lambent candle bayberry candle
lambent coal anthracite coal
lambent filament strand filament
lambent incense masala incense
lambent kindling charcoal kindling
lambent sandpaper
crystalline sandpaper
Tier 7 (60-69)
scintillating candle flamewrought candle
scintillating coal bituminous coal
scintillating filament mythical filament
scintillating incense mystical incense
scintillating kindling rosewood kindling
scintillating sandpaper
acrylia sandpaper
Tier 8 (70-79)
smoldering candle smoldering candle
smoldering coal smoldering coal
smoldering filament entwined filament
smoldering incense sacred incense
smoldering kindling redwood kindling
smoldering sandpaper silicate sandpaper

Tier & Levels Fuel Names (Unchanged in GU58)
Tier 9 (80-89) ethereal candle ethereal coal ethereal filament ethereal incense ethereal kindling ethereal sandpaper

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Game Update #58
Arcanum Revealed
October 12, 2010
EverQuest II

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