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A tradeskill apprentice is an NPC that you can hire to work for you in your house. You must be at least tradeskill level 10 to get a Tradeskill Apprentice. Players will receive a notice in the mail prompting them to hire an apprentice.

Speak to a Tradeskill Apprentice at:

  • Freeport: Coalition of Tradesfolke in West Freeport at 49, -18, 87
  • Qeynos: The Ironforge Exchange in North Qeynos at 339, -20, -95 .
You will receive the appropriate Tradeskill Apprentice Contract for the race you chose. Once you accept a contract that NPC disappears for you. The contracts are No-Destroy. You may only have one apprentice at a time, but you can swap your contract for another if you like to change apprentices (any ongoing research will be lost, so it would be better to wait until after your current recipe is done researching).

Enter the home you want the apprentice to work from; right-click the Tradeskill Apprentice Contract you were given and select "place" to place the apprentice.

Hail the apprentice and ask to see the status of the research. This will pop up a Tradeskill Research box where you can choose which Ancient Knowledge you want your apprentice to research! The amount of recipes available for your class and tier and the length of time they will take to research varies.

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As of November 26, 2011 there are three appearances: Human Tradeskill Apprentice, Othmir Tradeskill Apprentice, and Coldain Tradeskill Apprentice. There is no difference between them but the appearance.

GU63 Apprentices

Game Update 63 added two tradeskill apprentices, both of which are obtained via adventuring in Skyshrine and require at least a level 90 adventurer class to obtain. One is available in the solo/duo mission instance accessible during the quest Collapsing the Capitol. The other is available in one of the raid zones.

The solo/duo obtainable apprentice is garnered from a tradeable item that you may be able to find on broker by searching for "Deshniak's Research Prism". Yelnar is the raid apprentice, with Yelnar's Research Prism being obtained from the raid quest, Etch the Stone. Once the prism is used it will become a no-trade house item that will research new recipes. Unlike their predecessors, these particular apprentices have no way to speed up their research. The recipes use Tier 10 rare harvests as well as item drops from Skyshrine heroic and raid content (depending on apprentice recipe and excluding most furniture--those only use multiple T10 rares).

GU66 Additions

Game Update #66
Scars of the Awakened
April 30, 2013

With GU66 level 95 crafters will see new recipes on their regular Apprentices. Components can be purchsed in Cobalt Scar from Far Seas Reppresentative Charsin Andolar at 4397, -821, 380 in Scarstone. The currency is A Mysterious Blue Coin, which are rewarded as part of the Cobalt Scar Crafting Series and Tears of Veeshan Crafting Series.


  • There are 16 new recipes to research, which can be made by all classes.
  • Each Azure research will give you two recipes, an Azure version and a Tempered version
    • Azure versions require 20 reactants (don't panic, see below)
    • Tempered versions use the Azure version and Siren's Grotto drops
  • Insignias of the Deep research is rumored to require a raid drop.

GU67 Additions

With GU67 level 95 crafters will see new recipes on their regular Apprentices.


  • There are 18 new recipes: Six food and drink, three ammo, three neck pieces, and four elixirs.
  • The main ingredient is Celestial Mote, which is rumored to drop from Avatars in the Arena of the Gods.


  • Level 95 Apprentice quest rewards
    Level 95 Apprentice quest rewards
    The Apprentice Quests now have a recipe which auto-scribes and removes itself when the quest is turned in.
  • The rewards have changed. You now get:
    • one of: 20 common resources, a potion (see below), a rare, or a reactant
    • AND one or more azure reactants (used in Azure recipes)
    • AND one a mysterious blue coin
The Skyshrine (Draconic) Apprentices did not get any new recipes, and there are no new raid apprentices. [1].

Tears of Veeshan Additions

Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

Apprentices will have five new recipe books with 20 new recipes, which use components dropped by rare Heroic mobs. Although every class can research and scribe every book, some recipes DO use specific class skills so will be more challenging for those who are not that class to make. Be sure to keep the byproducts from these recipes for your friendly local alchemist, woodworker, or weaponsmith.


When you accept the Tradeskill Apprentice Contract you also receive a Home Uniform Mannequin; place this to dress your apprentice. Place the desired appearance clothing on the mannequin to make that available to your apprentice. The othmir apprentice and the GU63 draconic (heroic & raid) apprentices cannot be dressed in an outfit.

To customize your apprentice, right-click it and choose "Customize". In this window you can select outfits from your mannequin and rename your apprentice.


Like a real world apprenticeship, the apprentice works for a more experienced crafter and learns from them; the more experienced crafter benefits from an apprentice who can be put to work doing research or extra work or other tasks that they would not have time for on their own. The tradeskill apprentice in EQII will discover recipes for you. Each crafting class can potentially gain close to 100 recipes through the tradeskill apprentice. [2]


To start or check on research, hail your apprentice or right-click and select "Show Research Window". The amount of time required depends on the level of the recipe being researched.

When your apprentice is researching you can sometimes impart knowledge on them to speed up their research. Imparting knowledge gives a 4 hour reduction and can be done once every 24 real life hours.

You can also speed up research by doing quests to replace your apprentice's equipment. For example, you can get a level 89 quest at level 90 with a reward of Pouch of Unused Materials. For the quest task you are given a recipe to craft; do so and return to your apprentice.

The Pouch of Unused Materials will have random harvests (likely equivalent of your crafter's tier), potions or a chance at a rare component that is used in ancient recipes. Known rewards (excluding harvests):


The recipes are all called "Ancient Knowledge" or "Recipe," and are researched much like spells and combat arts.

The recipes will use components dropped from heroic content of the appropriate level range, and will make desirable items, many of which have unique effects and appearances. This will also include some of the extra-cool looking decorations that can be used in the reforging system to add particle effects to your weapons. [3]

All procs and worn effects on all armor, weapons, and accessories produced from these recipes will be new. [4]


  • Carpenter: Earrings
  • Provisioner: Mastercrafted Food & Drink; Belts
  • Woodworker: Bows, throwing weapons and Wands
  • Armorer: mail and plate forearm and chest slot (Melodic, vanguard, devout and reverent)
  • Tailor: cloth and leather forearm and chest slot (cloth, gi, tunic)
  • Weaponsmith: Weapons: dagger, blade, staff, sledge, mace, longsword, greatsword, katar, bo staff


  • Alchemist: Rings (clutch, ring, ring, band)
  • Jeweler: Bracelets
  • Sage: charms (crag, jewel, stones and gemstones).

Check out our Tradeskill Apprentice Recipe Filter list!

Rare Components

The rare components for the researched recipes come from Heroic content and Exquisite chests.


Apprentice Prefixes

As you research more recipes your tradeskill apprentice's prefix title will change. This is purely cosmetic and has no bearing on their efficiency to research.

  • Apprentice: 0 - 9 recipes researched
  • Journeyman: 10 - 24 recipes researched
  • Expert: 25-41 recipes researched
  • Artisan: 42-73 recipes researched
  • Master: 75-99 recipes researched
  • Grand Master: 100+ recipes researched

ZAM would like to thank Kaito for info on achievements and prefixes.

ZAM credits this article at EQ2 Traders Corner for Game Update 66 Apprentice information.

December 6, 2011

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