Tears of Veeshan  

Expansion Timelines
Beta October 15, 2013
Release November 12, 2013
Announced at SOE Live 2013, Tears of Veeshan puts heroes in the Eternal Broodlands, players will rediscover Lord Yelinak, now serving as the keeper of the Vesspyr Isles. Apparently Kerafyrm the Awakened is splitting asunder the veil between worlds through the use of his stolen Tear. [1]

As soon as Kerafyrm gets involved — whether he is slumbering or not — the stakes rise instantly and the new expansion hints at much drama and epic battle, with the promise that players will bear witness to the dawning of a new Age.

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ZAM would like to thank Ratagnan for helping immensely with many Tears of Veeshan quests and zone walkthroughs.

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A preview of the GU68 Mercenary Slot feature, by Cyliena.
NOTE: The mercenary window appearance changed after this was filmed (and the wording was improved), but the purchase functionality is identical.

A behind the scenes look at EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan.


Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

Players who dare to broach the threshold of EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan can expect a variety of large additions including:

  • Overland Dragon Realm - Adventure, amenities, quests, collections, and more!
  • New Dungeons (9)
  • New Channeler Class!
  • Dragon-themed AAs
  • New itemization focused on flexibility
  • Variety of Quests - Signature, story, point-of-interest & dropped quests, missions, collections
  • AA limit raised to 340
  • Tradeskill apprentice items
  • New PvP item tier

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Open Beta Information: Tears of Veeshan Open Beta at the official forums

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