Slash Commands (EQ2)  

EverQuest II has a number of commands and personalization options that can make every player's experience unique and in some ways tailored specifically to their liking. One way of doing this is with Slash Commands.

Slash Commands (a term for commands or actions that start with a forward slash: / ) is a broad category of optional commands that includes shortcuts, actions/emotes, keyboard commands, settings and more.

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Chat Commands

  • /shout - zone-wide shout chat
  • /ooc - zone-wide out of character chat
  • /auction - zone-wide way to announce items you want to sell
  • /g or /gsay - group chat
  • /raid or /r - raid chat
  • /h - hails target
  • /brb - tells everyone around you that you will be right back
  • /afk - tells everyone around you that you're away from the keyboard and flags you as AFK
  • /tell or /t - sends private chat to character
  • /telltarget or /tt - sends a /tell to your target % codes
  • /bubble_fontsize n - where n is a number, changes text size in chat bubbles to size n
  • /filter - toggles obscenity filter
  • /guild or /gu - guild chat
  • /officer or /off - guild officer chat

Shortened Chat Commands

  • : = /emote
  • ' = /say
  • ! = /shout
  • @ = /guildsay
  • $ = /auction
  • * = /groupsay

Further Commands for Chat and Macros

When speaking, you can use a series of "% codes" that expand into various pieces of information. These are also useful when creating macros. Note that they are case sensitive: using lower case will return a lower-case result (%O will return Him, %o will return him). Race (race name or "Unknown") and gender ("Male," "Female," "Neuter") results are always capitalized.

  • %M - Returns the character's pet's name (when they have a pet)
  • %T - Returns the current target
  • %S - Returns the subjective gender-specific pronoun for the target (He, She, It)
  • %O - Returns the objective gender-specific pronoun for the target (Him, Her, It)
  • %P - Returns the possessive gender-specific pronoun for the target (His, Her, Its)
  • %R - Returns the race of the target
  • %G - Returns the gender of the target

Channel Commands

  • /* - where * is a channel number, speaks in the channel number specified
  • /join channelname - joins a channel (or creates channel if it doesn't exist)
  • /leavechannel - leaves a channel
  • /leaveall - exits all channels you are currently in
  • /channellist - lists all channels you are currently in
  • /whochannel or /wc - lists all users in specified channel number (ex: /wc 4)
  • /setchannelnumber - renumbers your chat channels; the new number must not be currently in use

Cross-Server and Cross-Game Chat Channels

For more information on cross-server and cross-game chat, see: EQII Servers

  • To join a chat channel on a different EQII server, type /join servername.channelname
  • To join a chat channel in EQ, type /join eq.servername.channelname
  • To join a chat channel in Planetside, type /join ps.servername.channelname
  • To join a chat channel in Vanguard, type /join vgd.servername.channelname
  • To send a tell to a friend on another EQII server, type: /t servername.charname
  • To send a tell to a friend playing EQ, type: /t eq.servername.charname
  • To send a tell to a friend playing Planetside, type: /t ps.servername.charname
  • To send a tell to a friend playing Vanguard, type: /t vgd.servername.charname

Character Status Flags

  • /anon - flags you as anonymous (hides class/level/etc.)
  • /role - flags you as roleplaying
  • /a or /afk - tells everyone around you that you're away from the keyboard and flags you as AFK
  • /lfg - opens the Looking for Group window


  • /merc ranged
  • /merc melee
  • /merc resume (unsuspends the merc)
  • /mercname
  • /merc attack
  • /merc backoff
  • /togglemerc (this will toggle the merc window on and off)
  • /cl_ignore_merc_chatter [true|false] - toggles mercenary group chat on and off.

EQII Share

  • /facebook [message] - posts [message] to Facebook
  • /twitter [message] - posts [message] to Twitter
  • /tweet [message] - posts [message] to Twitter
  • /share [message] - posts [message] to Facebook and Twitter (if both are enabled)

GU68 Equipment Reset

  • /reset_equipment equipped - Resets all eligible currently equipped equipment.
  • /reset_equipment inventory - Resets all eligible equipment in your bags.
  • /reset_equipment bank - Resets all eligible equipment in your bank slots.
  • /reset_equipment sharedbank - Resets all eligible equipment in your shared bank.
  • /reset_equipment ui - Displays the Equipment Reset UI that appears during your first log in after some if your items have been updated.
  • /reset_equipment none - Marks all eligible items as no longer being eligible for resetting.

Dungeon Finder

Dungeon Maker

  • /republish_house - Modifies the name of a currently published dungeon. If your dungeon is in the Hall of Fame it will be taken out until it receives at least one more reward.
  • /house - Brings up the access screen that shows item count and can allow players to leave the dungeon if they find themselves stuck.


A wood elf using the /sitchair emote
A wood elf using the /sitchair emote
Emotes are character actions within the game. Many of them are acted out physically by your character, and some have accompanying audio. All of them display a text line within your chat window. If a target is selected, the emotes will be addressed to your current target. If no target is selected, they will be generic actions.

  • : = /emote
  • /em text - emotes text
  • /agree - character agrees with target
  • /amaze - character gasps at target in amazement
  • /applaud - character applauds target
  • /assistme - character calls for assistance with target!
  • /attention - character snaps to attention
  • /beckon - character beckons target to follow
  • /beg - character begs from target
  • /bite - character bites target on the leg!
  • /blush - character bleeds all over target
  • /blink - character blinks at target
  • /blowkiss - character blows a kiss at target
  • /blush - character blushes at target
  • /boggle - character boggles at the opportunities presented by target
  • /bonk - character bonks target on the head
  • /bored - character informs target that they are bored
  • /bounce - character bounces around target with excitement
  • /bow - character bows to target
  • /brandish - character brandishes their weapon at target
  • /brb - character tells target that they will be right back
  • /burp - character burps at target
  • /bye - character waves goodbye to target
  • /cackle - character cackles gleefully at target
  • /cheer - character cheers for target
  • /chuckle - character chuckles at target
  • /confused - character stumbles around, obviously confused by target
  • /crazy - character rambles insanely at target
  • /cringe - character cringes away from target
  • /curse - character curses target
  • /curtsey - character curtseys to target
  • /cut - character runs their thumb around their throat, threatening target
  • /dance - character dances with target
  • /doh - character smacks his forehead at target
  • /double - character does a doubletake at target
  • /duck - character ducks
  • /flex - character flexes at target
  • /flirt - character starts flirting with target
  • /flourish - character flourishes their weapon at target
  • /flustered - character appears flustered with target
  • /frustrated - character appears frustrated with target
  • /full - character formally curtsies at target
  • /gag - character gags at target
  • /giggle - character giggles at target
  • /glare - character glares menacingly at target
  • /grumble - character grumbles about target
  • /gut - character doubles over in pain and stumbles about
  • /happy - character happily bounces around target
  • /hear - character covers their ears and pays no heed to target
  • /heart - character clutches their chest
  • /heel - character jumps in the air with a loud clicking of heels
  • /heck - character declines target. HECK NO!
  • /hello - character waves hello to target
  • /listen - character listens intently to target
  • /look - character looks away from target
  • /moon - character shows target what they feel about it
  • /neener - character childishly taunts target
  • /no - character gives an emphatic no to target
  • /nod - character nods in agreement with target
  • /notworthy - character genuflects to target
  • /peer - character peers curiously at target
  • /point - character points at target
  • /ponder - character ponders target
  • /pout - character pouts dramatically at target
  • /raise - character frantically raises their hand
  • /rofl - character rolls on the floor laughing at target
  • /royal - character regally waves at target
  • /rude - character gestures rudely at target
  • /sad - character makes a sad face at target
  • /salute - character crisply salutes target
  • /sarcasm - character sarcastically applauds target
  • /scheme - character rubs their hands together, obviously scheming
  • /scold - character sternly scolds target
  • /scratch - character scratches
  • /scream - character screams in frustration at target
  • /see - character covers their eyes to avoid seeing what target is doing
  • /shake - character shakes their fist at target
  • /shame - character appears ashamed
  • /shimmy - character shimmies
  • /shiver - character shivers at target
  • /shrug - character shrugs at target
  • /sigh - character sighs disappointedly at target
  • /sitchair - character can be sat in a chair given current location
  • /sleep01 -
  • /sleep02 -
  • /smile - character smiles at target
  • /smirk - character smirks at target
  • /sneer - character sneers at target
  • /snicker - character snickers quietly and pouts at target
  • /sniff - character sniffs at target - what smells?!
  • /sob - character sobs pitifully at target
  • /speak - character covers their mouth to prevent saying anything to target
  • /square - character shapes a box in the air for target
  • /squeal - character squeals in delight at target
  • /stare - character stares fixedly at target
  • /stinky - character makes a stinky face at target
  • /stretch - character stretches lazily
  • /sulk - character sulks quietly
  • /swear - character swears loudly at target
  • /tantrum - character throws a temper tantrum at target
  • /tap - character taps their foot impatiently
  • /taunt - character mercilessly taunts target
  • /thank - character graciously thanks target
  • /threaten - character threatens target
  • /thumbs - character gives the thumbs up to target
  • /violin - character plays on an imaginary violin in mock sympathy for target
  • /wave - character waves at target
  • /whistle - character whistles appreciatively at target
  • /whome - character gestures at target, Who? me?!
  • /wince - character winces at target
  • /wink - character winks at target
  • /woo - character draws an image for target
  • /yawn - character yawns rudely in targets face
  • /yeah - character fervently agrees with target

Appearance Commands

  • /hide - Hides your illusions.
  • /showhood - toggles the appearance of your robe's hood
  • /showhelm - toggles the appearance of your headpiece from your head slot
  • /cutemode - toggles BIG HEAD mode on and off (like bobble-heads huge) in both standard and SOGA models
  • /cutemode2
  • /cutemode3
  • /mood - changes facial expression; where is afraid, happy, sad, tired, angry, none (moods persist until changed)
  • /showrange - toggles the showing of a bow on and off when out of combat if a bow is equipped (automatically hides your cloak). If no bow is equipped then no primary, secondary, or range item is visually shown equipped on your character when out of combat.
  • /finditem - search your entire inventory, including bank and house vault, for items by their name.

Loot & Inventory Commands

  • /random x y - where x and y are two numbers (often 1 and 100), rolls a random number between x and y; can be used with any sequential number combination
  • /get_coins - shows the amounts of platinum, gold, silver and copper you possess
  • /togglebags - toggles your bags between open and closed
  • /weaponstats - Displays weapon statistics and proc rates factoring current character attributes for all wielded weapons
  • /summon_chest - Summons a targeted chest to you. If you have none targeted then you will be given a list of chests that you can summon to you.
  • /empty_overflow - fill remaining spaces in your bags from your overflow
  • '/sort_bags - Sort your bag inventories. Available flags: name, level, tier, ascending and descending parameters for sorting called with "a" and "d" (ie: "/sort_bags tier a").
  • /start_broker_anywhere - allows All Access members to access the Broker almost anywhere.
  • /dump_items_to_log' - will write the contents of your inventory to your log. Please note that only items known to your game client will be logged; as such, the output may vary depending on whether you’re in a house zone or not.

Directional Commands

  • /way x, y, z or /waypoint x, y, z - leads you to the location x, y, z in your current zone
  • /waypoint_cancel - cancels your current waypoint
  • /l or /loc - shows your current coordinates

Pet Commands

  • /pet attack - pet will attack your current target
  • /pet backoff - pet will cease attacking its target
  • /pet stay - pet will stop following you and remain where it is
  • /pet follow - pet will follow you
  • /pet report - pet will announce his health in a percentage
  • /pet guardme - pet will guard and follow you
  • /pet guardhere - pet will guard its current location
  • /pet who - pet will announce its master
  • /pet getlost - pet will disappear
  • /pet preserve_master - pet will protect you
  • /pet preserve_self - pet will protect itself
  • /pet melee - pet will use melee attack
  • /pet ranged - pet will use ranged attack
  • /pet hide - pet will hide
  • /petname Name - Name of the next pet you summon
  • /pet options - brings up the options box for your pet

Combat Commands

  • /useability - casts specified spell
  • /toggleautoattack - turns melee attack on or off
  • /togglerangedattack - turns ranged attack on or off
  • /autoattack 0 - stops all autoattack
  • /autoattack 1 - force melee autoattack
  • /autoattack 2 - force ranged autoattack
  • /cl - clears current spell/ability queue
  • /cancel_spellcast - cancels the the spell currently being cast
  • /useabilityonrt spellname - casts spellname on the last person who sent you a /tell, doesn't change target
  • /useabilityonplayer playername spellname
  • /cureplayer (playername|group or raid position) (trauma|arcane|noxious|elemental|curse) optional (spell|potion) - New with GU58.
    • Example: /cureplayer g0 noxious spell
      • Will attempt to cure yourself of a noxious detriment with only spells and without using potions (even if you have them).
    • Example: /cureplayer r4 noxious
      • Will attempt to cure the character in raid slot 4 of a noxious detriment using a spell or potion (whichever is available).

Hate Meter

  • /togglethreatwindow - toggles the hate meter off and on

Targeting Commands

  • /target - targets specified character
  • /assist - targets specified character's target
  • /assist - targets your current target's target
  • /target_group_member 0 - will target group member 1, not yourself, first in group window
  • /target or /target_self - will target yourself
  • /show_window mainHUD.ImpliedTarget - opens window showing who your target is targeting, good for healers and tanks. Note: This command is case sensitive.
  • /target_pet - Target your own pet
  • /target_group_pet # - Target a group member's pet (# = 0 to 4, 0 being the first group member in the order shown in the group window)
  • /target_previous

Target Tagging Commands

New with Game Update 59/Velious!

  • /tagtarget [icon name] - to tag your target with a specific icon. Ex: /tagtarget skull
  • /tagtarget [number 1-6] - to tag your target with a numeric value. Ex: /tagtarget 1
  • /tagtarget clear - to clear your target's tag

Housing Commands

  • /house - opens the housing-menu while you are in your house/guildhall
  • /save_layout - saves the current layout of all items in your home to a file in your EQ2 directory
  • /load_layout - loads a layout file for your home and will move items to the appropriate places if the home is the same layout plan as the saved file (4 room house version 1, etc, are layout plans)
  • /house_ratings - opens the Housing Directory menu (House Ratings System)
  • /republish_house - updates the name of your currently published dungeon or house. If your home is in the Hall of Fame it will be taken out until it receives at least one more reward.
  • /show_window PlayerHousing.HousingBar - opens the housing bar, which gives buttons to toggle the house window on and off or leave the house (added with GU66)
  • /hide_window PlayerHousing.HousingBar - closes the housing bar (added with GU66)

UI Commands

  • /load_uisettings - let's you load any of your characters' UI settings to your current character.
  • /loadui - lets you a new UI skin
  • /medals_show_all - shows all available Achievements.

Camp Commands

  • /camp - saves and logs out your character, returning you to the character select screen.
  • /camp desktop - saves and logs out your character, quitting the game entirely and returning you to your computer deskop.
  • /camp login - saves and logs out your character, returning you to the client login screen.

Miscellaneous Commands

  • /setautoattackmode X- where X is 0 for default, 1 for melee, 2 for spell/ranged
  • /save_friends - Saves your friends list as Servername.Charname.Friends.txt
  • /load_friends - Pops up a box to select which friend list .txt file you want to load. Will attempt /friend every name that does not already exist on friend list of the character executing the command. Does not copy over list notes.
  • /savehotkeys name - This will store the current hotbars (not positions, but all the commands inside the hotbars). Can have multiple different names on the saved hotbars, such as solo, group, melee, raid, etc..
  • /loadhotkeys name - This will load a saved hotbar set.
  • /playsound parameter - Plays 2d sounds locally. Type /playsound (no parameter) for a list of sounds you can play.
  • /clear_mailbox - will clean out your in-game mailbox of all mail, including annoying "ghost" mail that can inhibit transfers.
  • /ics_maxcameradistance # - change how far your 3rd person camera can zoom out, where # is a number indicating distance (ie: /ics_maxcameradistance 35). 35 is reported to be the maximum available; 10 or 15 is the default. This persists through logging out and in.
  • /unmentor - causes you to stop mentoring (or auto-mentoring)
  • /mentor playername - Mentors the person whose name you provide, assuming that they are in the same group, not in combat, and not already mentoring someone else. Will work in a different zone from the player you are mentoring.
  • /zone_to_groupmember playername - zones to a group member who is in a different instance of the same zone (ex: Frostfang Sea 1 and Frostfang Sea 2)
  • /research - Reports the status of Research Assistant work in your chat window.
  • /lastname [name] - Sets your character's surname. Available at level 20.
  • /rename [name] - If you have a rename coming due to acquiring an X as a result of a server merger, use this command to rename your character. Get it right, it's once only.
  • /show_account_features list all expansions, features, bonus items etc that your account has access to.

Members Only

  • /start_broker_anywhere All Access Members can now access the Broker almost anywhere. Also available in the EQ2 Menu.

Allakhazam credits this post by Amnerys and many other people at the SOE Official Forums for some of the info in this article.
Allakhazam credits this post by TalinRedGuard at the SOE Official Forums for some of the info in this article.
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