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Dungeon Finder is a matchmaking system to make it easier for groups to get together for dungeons. The system only requires a minimum of six players of the required archetypical group roles in order to make a match, so it shouldn't take many players at all to make the system work. [1]

This feature will be going live on October 6, 2011.

Using Dungeon Finder

The Dungeon Finder UI window can be opened by:

  • Clicking on the "Dungeon Finder" button on an expanded XP bar (default UI only)
  • Using the CTRL+Z shortcut
  • Using the slash commands /df or /dungeonfinder

Once the window is open, you can queue up solo or as a group (only group leaders can queue this way) for any dungeon that you meet the requirements for. Dungeons are available based on level (real level, not your mentored level), critical mitigation requirements and available expansions on your account. You must be at least level 20 to use this feature.

Ready Confirmation Box
Ready Confirmation Box
When queuing for a Dungeon Finder group you can choose for a Random Dungeon, which will give a 25% experience bonus while playing in that dungeon, or use the checkboxes to select certain dungeons.

Once a group is formed you will get a confirmation box stating which dungeon was chosen and that it is ready. You have one minute to accept the request and once it is accepted you will be instantly teleported to the dungeon.

Leaving and Reinforcing

Leaving/Finishing Dungeons

  • If you leave the dungeon and your group stays within it you can use the Return button (on the Dungeon Finder interface) to zone back to your group immediately.
  • If your group finishes a Dungeon Finder dungeon you can exit and your group leader can queue for another dungeon immediately. This should result in almost no wait time for the next dungeon as long as you have a full group.

Reinforcing a Dungeon Finder Group

  • If your group isn't full the group leader can use the Reinforce button to allow more qualified players currently queued in the Dungeon Finder to join the group.
  • When a reinforcement arrives they should zone in where the priest is currently standing. If no priest is available (or is the one that was replaced) it is assumed that this action will default to zoning in where the group leader is at.
  • A player manually invited to a Dungeon Finder group must make their way to the group themselves.

Rejoining the Queue

  • You cannot rejoin the Dungeon Finder queue solo until you disband from your current Dungeon Finder group.

User Interface

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Unqueued Dungeon Finder Window
Unqueued Dungeon Finder Window
Queued Dungeon Finder Window
Queued Dungeon Finder Window
Critical Mitigation Required
Critical Mitigation Required
A Level 20s Queue
A Level 20s Queue

  1. ^ Dungeon Finder description from original Test server announcement.

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