Knowledge of the Shard of Spectral Light (EQ2)  

Tears of Veeshan Tradeskills

Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

Tears of Veeshan Apprentice Recipe: Knowledge of the Shard of Spectral Light

These recipes can be crafted by all tradeskill classes.

  • Level: 95
  • Technique: Chemistry
  • Device: Chemistry Table

Items crafted from Knowledge of the Shard of Spectral Light
Item Recipe Slot Duration Recast Level Effects
Draconic Panchrest Components Produces Charm (Optional) N/A 7 minutes 56 seconds N/A
  • Applies Draconic Panchrest when Activated.
    • Dispels 148 levels of any hostile effects on caster
    • Heals caster for 9487
      • If above level 90

Draught of the Bare'ach Components Produces Charm (Optional) 4 hours 5.3 seconds 91
  • Applies Draught of the Bare'ach when Activated. Lasts for 4 hours.
    • Increases WIS, STA, STR, AGI and INT of caster by 208.0
    • Increases Crit Bonus of caster by 3.6%
    • Increases Potency of caster by 3.6%

Ethershadow Step Components Produces Charm (Optional) N/A 7.9 seconds N/A
  • Applies Ethershadow Step when Activated.
    • Decreases Threat to targets in Area of Effect by 11,207 - 13,697
    • Applies Blink on termination.
      • Teleports target to a random location within 10 meters.

Progenitor's Essence Components Produces Charm (Optional) N/A 0.5 seconds 91
  • Applies Progenitor's Essence when Activated.
    • Heals caster for 3286
    • Increases power of caster by 3286

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