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SOE Podcast #28 tells us that Erollisi Day will be going live with GU42, and hints that this update will be "epic". This should all be coming to the Test server real soon now™.

Targeted release date: 05 Feb 2008 unconfirmed

many thanks go out to Gnobrin for proding the right people to get this out. [1]

Note: This is NOT everything going live, there is a bunch of content that is going straight to LIVE. Stay tuned.

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  • The Avatars of the Gods have returned with renewed strength and new members: The Tribunal, Karana and Bertoxxolous.
  • New mannequins are available for displaying armor and weapons in your house. You can acquire them from some of your more dedicated and advanced crafting friends
  • Summoners are now granted an additional spell at level 2 so they can complete Arcane Storm properly.
  • NPC's in raid zones that you would normally see will no longer disappear when running on low graphics settings.
  • The Clockwork Menace Factory will once again allow you to enter as long as one group member has the power cell key.
  • AFK flags will no longer be removed when zoning.
  • Racial innate abilities are now displayed in the achievement window along with the traits, traditions and trainings.


  • You can now search for items on the broker by effect name. For example, open the advanced search page and enter "Aura of Agility" in the item effect field to find all items with this effect.


  • Frostfell themed food house items now remain edible all year round.
  • Rare leather pelts found in treasure chests should stack with harvested rare leather pelts from now on. They still may not stack with older pelts, however. (Local tradeskill society advisors suggest pack rats may therefore wish to use the older ones up first.)
  • Clockwork Earring has been renamed to Clockwork Ring to reflect its equip slot
  • Bracelet of Thuuga now increases Spell Damage instead of Healing
  • Red-saddled Midnight Mistrunner Horse Whistle should now be usable by Good-aligned players.
  • Heartfinder should no longer give error messages about lacking the required skill to use.
  • Seared Bandolier and Buz'zard's Shortbow should no longer move to your overflow after zoning.


  • Gorowyn

The elevator in Gorowyn will now stop in line with the platforms.

  • Sinking Sands

There should now be fewer unreachable mining nodes in the Sinking Sands. Should you encounter any after this update, please submit a /bug with the location.

  • Kunzar Jungle

Repeatable quests in Kunzar Jungle now give more faction.

  • Charasis: the Maiden's Chamber
    • Bilithu of the Old Ways:
      • Summons of the Feaster is no longer affected by mana draining spells and abilities.
      • Bilithu's power pool has been reduced.
    • Drusella Sathir:
      • Drusella's Necromantic Aura now initially clears all hostile spells cast on her.
      • While under the protection of her necromantic aura, Drusella will no longer auto attack.
  • Isle of Mara
    • Artisan quests on the Isle of Mara now grant tradeskill experience, instead of adventure experience.


  • Bruiser
    • Enhance: Knockout line should properly update the damage now.


Level 60 to 70 dumbfire pets should now scale properly to before an upgraded spell is available.

  • Berserker
    • The adrenaline power drain will no longer be absorbed by wards.

  • Brigand
    • Amazing reflexes can no longer have its trigger percentage modified unless specified explicitly.

  • Necromancer
    • Siphoning of Souls should now return the appropriate level spell for Soothing Soul.

  • Ranger
    • Hook Arrow should no longer move stationary objects.

  • Shaman
    • An issue that might cause wards to have a long delay in their initial update after zoning has been fixed.

  • Warlock
    • Dark Broodlings should now cast at the level of the caster.


  • Repeating the Sebilis quests "Swords To Be Swiped" and "Sathirian Hunting Party" will now reward more Synod Reet faction than previously.
  • While on the quest, "In Honor and Service", players that accidentally destroyed the orc expedition keys can now loot them again if they are on the stage requiring them to open the chests.
  • The first stage of the quest "The Teachings of Yoru" now updates correctly on the number of wood pieces collected.


  • Grandmasters belonging to the tradeskill societies of the five starting cities now offer another quest for crafters level 30 and above who have completed their previous quest, Journeyman Service. Seek out Grandmaster Kawayzer (West Freeport), Grandmaster Kimbialis (Ironforge Exchange, off North Qeynos), Grandmaster Zyrythius (Neriak), Grandmaster Feldmanus (Kelethin), or Grandmaster Jayak (Gorowyn) to begin.
  • Tradeskill societies in the five starting cities of Norrath now offer a new recipe book to those they regard warmly.
  • Provisioners noticed they had two separate recipes for prickly pear muffins, and have reformulated the level 55 recipe to create prickly pear crumpets instead. Mmm, crumpets.
  • The recipe for luscious cranberry pie with cream now requires 6 fuel, but the pie will last longer.
  • "Hair of the Dog" is now a level 25 provisioner recipe, instead of level 35.
  • Carpenters will find two new recipes, one in each of carpenter essentials volume 60 and 62, which should be pleasing for home decorators.
  • The number of charges on the Gnomish Safety Recaller has been increased to 20.
  • "Fizzlebottom's Wondrous Hover-gasser" recipe book is now known as "Fizzlebottom's Remarkable Rechargeration Recipes" and also contains a recharger recipe for the Gnomish Safety Recaller. It is still for sale in Steamfont Mountains at Gnomeland Security.
  • The Gigglegibber's Secret of Death now has only a 1 second casting time.
  • Scintillating restorative stitching now has a minimum required level to use of 60, in line with other adornments of the same level.
  • Condemning Smite Adept III now correctly returns 2 flickering dust as a byproduct.
  • "Common Writing" and "Spectral Influx" sage reaction arts should now correctly prevent a failure when used to counter an event.


  • Pets should now be able to keep up with their owners.
  • Each pet will now keep his name when zoning instead of all using the current pet name.


  • There is a new command for un-equipping items in your appearance slots. /unequip_appearance

Pet Options Window

  • The pet options window allows you to set custom options for every pet you have. To open this window, right click on a pet and choose Pet Options or type /petoptions. Settings persist through recasting of your pet and include:
    • Pet Name
    • Pet Hide Status
    • Controllable pet states:
      • Protect Me
      • Protect Self
      • Stay
      • Follow
      • Fight Melee
      • Fight Ranged

Connection Stats Window

  • We've added a connection statistics window which will show your ping, bytes per second, frames per second and packet loss. The default key to toggle this window is F11.

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