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Date: 04 March 2008

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  • The Domini have shown themselves in order to lead the Sathirian nation into a new age of glory! They are contested raid targets in overland RoK zones intended for casual raid guilds in difficulty.
  • You will no longer be able to accidentally fly to Timorous Deep or Butcherblock Mountains from The Sinking Sands if you don't have the correct expansions.
  • Characters will no longer pass through the cliff wall in The Pillars of Flame on the carpet from the Swiftrider's Camp to Eastern Stinging Isle.
  • Players are now able to set their last name immediately upon reaching level 20.
  • Epic mobs in Kunark will now have increased wisdom and resists. To compensate for the increased resist rate a number of debuffs have had their chance to be resisted lowered.
  • The "/who all guild" command will now display information for all guild members regardless of anonymous or role-playing settings.
  • Logging out/going linkdead on a non-boat transport should no longer move you to odd locations.
  • Strikethrough will no longer work with a successful dodge


  • Harvestable Shiny objects ("?") will now act like treasure chests.

Group Looting Method Changes

  • Need before greed: Players are given the option to select "need", "greed", or "decline" for each item in a chest. The item will be assigned to a random player who chooses "need". If no players choose "need", it will be randomly assigned to a player who chooses "greed".
  • Round-Robin: Items will be assigned to players automatically in round-robin fashion.

Group Looting Item Rarity Option

  • You can now specify an item rarity level in your group options, such as Treasured, Legendary, Fabled or All Items.
  • Items of the specified rarity and above will be awarded to group members according to the specified looting method (Lotto, Need before greed, etc)
  • All items below the specified rarity will be assigned automatically via round-robin.
  • This applies to No-Trade items as well, so if you prefer to not have any items assigned automatically, select "All Items" and every item will be awarded according to the selected loot method.


  • Collectors will show a Quest Completion icon when you have a collection ready for turn-in.
  • The quest helper window will now scroll properly when displaying a timed quest.
  • Kullaba in his cave lair should no longer chain heal.
  • If you completed Saphronia's Request but deleted your Casualties of the War of the Fay, you can speak to Princess Saphronia again to get another Bag of Gold Fairy Dust.
  • Exiled illusionists can now speak to Angelia Clayton, Molly Daysun, and Nathan Ironforge.
  • During the Illusionist epic, Lanice will no longer give the option to hand over the furniture unless players are on stage 2 of the sub-quest.
  • The monk epic quest recipe "Diagram: Claw of Instruction" will no longer remove itself from the recipe book if the tradeskill attempt fails.
  • Sometimes while on the monk epic quest, when a monk failed to kill Aggression they wouldn't be able to get more hearts to try again. Hearts will drop now for additional attempts.


  • The Mark of the Awakened once again shows up. However, switching into first person no longer displays the rune in front of your vision.
  • Male illusionists that cast their drachnid illusion from the epic quest will now get a male drachnid illusion instead of a female one..
  • Guise of the Deceiver should now persist through zoning
  • Items awarded by quests will now be reflected in guild events according to the guild's settings.
  • Lamentation of the Intrepid's proc will now properly take into account debuffed mitigation
  • The "love candle", "lust candle", "devotion candle", and "passion candle" house items can still have their hearts turned off, but now default to the heart effect being on. Carpenter-made fireplaces also default to burning embers rather than entirely off.
  • Many carpenter-made tables and similar flat items that had placement issues previously will now allow items to be placed on them. This includes adamantine, xegonite, and acrylia furniture, tynnonium tables, stone planters, and horned leather rugs, among others.


  • There are now more amenities available in East, North and South Freeport, including bankers, menders, and mariner's bells to summon transportation in and out. Similar amenities are now also available in North and South Qeynos. The Ironforge Exchange of Qeynos has also taken advantage of the confusion to acquire the struggling business of Fhara's Furnishings in North Qeynos, and has refurbished this building to be their new headquarters.
  • Venril's Lair, The Tomb of Thuuga, and The Execution Throne room will now all set persistent instance timers from killing non-raid mobs.
  • Bosses in Sebilis and Chardok now have a chance to drop 71-75 Master Scrolls.
  • Gigglegibber Goblins have expanded their lotto services to the Antonica and Commonlands docks in the hopes of persuading Kunark-bound ship travelers to try their luck (and take their coin...)
  • Crafting stations are now available in Maj'dul, in the Golden Sceptre.

The Feerrott

  • Bouncers Prud, Flerb, Fug, and Hurd in the Feerrott will spawn 100% of the time now.


  • Adjustments have made to the density and respawn rate of population in Chardok.

Charasis: The Maiden's Chamber

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Drusella from clearing all debuffs on her if there were too many.


  • Fishmen in the Chamber of Destiny will now respawn about once every two days, giving you another opportunity to earn suits before the zone resets.


  • Hostile maintained spells will now drop if there are no valid targets in the area.


  • Increased the range of Power Ballad, Don't Kill the Messenger and Fortissimo.


  • Ignore Agony will now update properly from its achievement enhancement.


  • Tactical Retreat can now be purchased within a Maj'Dul home.


  • Overpower is no longer overpowered in that you can no longer use it while stunned.


  • Increased the range of Rapidity to 35m.


  • You can no longer modify the trigger percentages of Verdict.


  • Peel has changed slightly to only lock the target for a short duration while giving a larger hate gain. On termination it also supplies a smaller amount of hate over time to the monk.


  • Skeletal Regimen will now persist through zoning



  • Reaver will now take health every 6 seconds instead of 3


  • Harmonization will no longer apply to spells which mix hostile and beneficial effects.


  • Writs will now work by archetype instead of subclass
  • Brigand Thugs will no longer add hate for everyone in the target group. PvE functionality remains the same.
  • PvP writs can no longer be done while mentored.


  • Quartermasters at Bathezid, Riliss and Danak are now stocked with rewards for those crafters that are looked upon favorably!
  • The Medium Female Display Mannequin recipe now requires sandpaper instead of coal.
  • New characters no longer receive an introductory note to speak to a tradeskill trainer. They now receive a full manual from their local tradeskill society. Existing tradeskill note quests will auto-complete.
  • Armorers and Tailors can now imbue all types of chest pieces and leggings from their level 60-69 recipe books.


  • You will now see the health and power of other players in the raid, even if they are not in the same zone.

Logitech G15 Support

  • EQII now supports the Logitech G15 Keyboard's LCD display. You can enable/disable this option under Options->User Interface->Game Features. The data sent to the LCD window is extremely customizable.

  • The Default UI ships with five pages of data.
    • Page 1 is the title page and shows what each of the 4 buttons do when pressed.
    • Page 2 displays your current ping, packet loss, frame rate and bandwidth usage.
    • Page 3 displays experience for your adventure level, tradeskill level and achievement points.
    • Page 4 is a mini persona window showing your stats, health and power.
    • Page 5 displays the health and power for all members of your group.

  • UI modders can display any number of pages with each page showing any of the dynamic data already available to the client.

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